“Essential Solutions for Electric Shock – Rescue & Safety”

Electrical Safety products for Oil & Gas, Power, Petrochemical, Marine, Food & Beverage, and Engineering Industries.

Electrical Safety

A comprehensive electrical rescue kit is essential to confront an electrical incident and save the victims life with no dangerous intervention. These kits are designed to protect the rescuer from electrocution by an integrated approach towards an electrically hazardous situation. They are composed of; electrical safety fragments such as boots, gloves, voltage detectors, a rescue hook, and occasionally electricity proof body covering for arc flash prone systems.

Industrial utility

Electricity is an integral part of our lives, and several industries handle high voltages in generation and maintenance sectors. When an electrical current passes from the body this leads to an electrical shock, It happens when an individual touches wires of an energized circuit. The amount of current flowing through the body, current path, length of time the body remains in the circuit and the current’s frequency are the factors responsible for the severity of Injury.

  • Electric vehicle maintenance workshops
  • Power generation stations
  • Transmission towers
  • Cable maintenance and electrical repair companies
  • Metal and ion-plating industries
  • Electron based ray beam productions
  • Energy distributors and more

Comprehensive Electrical Safety Components

Let’s have a look at each of the must-have electrical safety and rescue units for a safe workplace and prevention for possible electrocution. All these components must be put together as an all-in-one and life saving solution.

1. Life Saving Intervention Kit; Electric Shock Rescue wall mounted kits are a compact set of rescue and repair equipment for confronting a shock situation. Here is a quick overview of the kit’s components.
  • Insulated Electrical Safety Rescue Hook
  • Voltage Detector
  • High-Leverage Cable Cutter
  • Electrical Insulating Gloves and Boots
  • Warning Signals
  • Adhesive tape
  • Talcum Powder
  • Instructions in English
  • Wall Mounting cabinet

Our electrical safety rescue hook is made from insulated material and integrated with a stabilizer for high U.V. protection. These hooks are used to replace the direct contact of rescuers with energized surfaces, and used as hands free safety equipment. The hook functions with telescopic features for easy maneuvering and providing maximum control. Suggestion of Use The wall mounted rescue kit must be kept in an easily accessible space. Electrical gloves and boost must be worn before initiating any further assistance. First, the rescue must scrutinize the situation to avoid further complications. By assessing the scene, the source of electricity must be detected and cut off using the main switch or the circuit breaker box, and then the telescopic hook and adhesive tape. By employing a voltage detector, the rescuer must make sure of the absence of any voltages before attempting to come in contact with the victim. Recovery and first aid care must be only given to the victim after assurance of the electricity elimination from the body and nearby surfaces.

2. Arc Flash comprehensive Safety Kit;

In a place with high voltages, electricity can run loose and create electrical whips with temperature reaching to 20,000 Celsius which is hotter than the sun’s surface!

This happens because of resistance of electrical transmitters, which causes the extra energy to channel by grounding through other surfaces. This electrical occurrence is highly unpredictable and use of specialized personal protection equipment is inevitable in such workplaces.

Arc flash clothing requirements and accessories are head-to-toe solutions to prevent any electrocution fatalities. We recommend Catu Arc Flash Protection, including rubber electric gloves,electrical flash suit, and headwear and face shields, and foot protection.

Suggestion of Use

By assessment of the possibility of arc flash, personnel’smust be protected at all times with heat resistant and reliable arc rated insulated clothing.

3. Insulating Gloves ;

Substation switchgear staple equipment, Insulating gloves provide personal hand protection for operators handling electrical and high voltage currents. Our gloves for electrical shocks prevention are available in five classes, from Class 00 rubber gloves for electrical work to class four, conforming to electrical exposure potency.

According to the utility, our insulating gloves are also available in the two main categories; standard which are rubber gloves for insulation, and mechanical insulation gloves such as inner linen gloves, or top layering leather editions.

Suggestion of Use

When working in the vicinity of live wires, naked cables and energized surfaces or equipment, and excavating around live cables, call for appropriate safety precautions and gloves. Electrical rubber insulating gloves should be in compliance with IEC 60903 and EN 60903 standards for a reliable safety.

The dielectric properties of each pair must be chosen carefully to provide enough protection according to possible voltage exposure. As one of the most trusted brands in the market, CATU insulating gloves is our recommended electrical hand safety equipment, presenting outstanding dexterity. Test your gloves for punctures each time before use, follow the instruction of utility and ensure contact with an electrical situation without high-voltage safety gloves.

4. Electrical Safety Boots Class

Dielectric footwear is one of the most vital fragments in electrical protective equipment kits. These boots provide electrical insulation against step voltages while providing a comfortable and ergonomic feel.

According to our experts’ assessment, Raychem RPG Insulating Boots offer reliable electrical safety, providing high voltage protection, when climbing ladders and poles, walking over energized surfaces, and working in arc flash prone environments. They are composed of UV resistant rubber, made with exceptional grip and 100% waterproof construction.

Suggestion of Use

Electric insulating working shoes are a must-wear essential for personal PPE kits, especially when in exposure to damp surfaces and handling high voltages over metal ladders, machineries and similar situations to avoid grounding incidents.

5. Rubber Insulation Matting

Electrical Insulation mats are created from isolative rubber to create an anti skid electrical insulation under the feet of electrical personnel. Apart from compliance with international standards, our selection is categorized as Class 0 to 4 insulating mats.

Suggestion of Use

Depending on the possibility of voltage exposure, the safety class must be selected. Avoid punctures, exposure to heat and covered with dirt or dye for maximum safety and performance. Each mat must be stored correctly and away from heat to avoid compromising its features.

6. Helmet Mounted Voltage Detector

Our personal safety voltage detector offers hands free electrical safety in two categories. Hard Hat Mounted Voltage Detector is a compact equipment which is strapped over the safety hard hats, and integrated hard hat proximity sensor.

To detect any energized surface before walking into it, the high voltage sensors send out audible and visual notification to alarm the worker. They come with adjustable features to modify the device sensitivity to voltage and distance.

Suggestion of Use With offering 360 degree protection, we suggest wearing the personal voltage detector hats at all times to avoid faulty judgments that lead to electrocution.

Our Final Advice

Electricity is one of the most hazardous elements with highest fatality across modern industries. To avoid any electric shock situations and irreversible outcomes, electrical safety must not be underestimated. All the six categories of electrical safety equipment mentioned on the above list are integrated parts of electric safety solutions.

At RAAH International, your safety is our first priority and if you’re looking to protect your personnel from electrocution incidents, our experts are eager to offer you an evaluation on your workplace electrical safety requirements. Contact us today for quotations and additional information.

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