Rubber Insulation Mat

Rubber Insulation Matting; An Electrical Safety Staple

Rubber is a natural dielectric material which inhibits the flow of electricity and due to its molecular structure prevents the free flow of electrons. When this is combined with flexibility and cushioning nature of the material it makes an excellent choice for Electrical Safety Matting. High quality

Electrical Safety Mats with mechanical properties and excellent electrical insulation are used to resist electricity while protecting workers on LV-HV switchgear, substations, transformers and electrical workstations against electrical shock by absorbing the live current which can result from a short circuit or other electrical leak.

The full range of electrical rubber matting from RAAH safety is thoroughly tested to guarantee compliance with all relevant standards. The mats are manufactured using finest rubber compounds.

Utility Occasions

These anti skid electrical insulation mats are used as a floor spread below the control panels, but they can also be utilized in any workplace prone to electrical shock, including; substations, energy cords, transformer rooms, generator set rooms, AC and DC installations, battery stations, oil ring stations and more- electrical safety matting can guarantee a safe electrical operation.

General Specifications

According to the energized value or voltages involved in a workplace, there are 5 different categories of electric mats, including Class 0 to 4 insulating mats. In addition to electrical safety, there are other features that are common across any of these classes.

Every electric safety matting is tested before release to comply with the specified insulation. The bottom side is enhanced with a ridged surface to restrict slipping and fall-related incidents. Crafted from high-quality materials, this electric rubber mat guarantees both safety and durability when coming in contact with external factors such as punctures and cuts by sharp objects. By incorporating modern technologies, the electrical rubber mat offers a thin and lightweight construction with an increased electrical safety, voltage protection and resistance. Each edition ofelectrical insulation rubber mat should confirm to international standards and electrical safety policies of OSHA.

General Features:

Category specifications

According to working voltage, the product shows markings on the reverse side with various color codes. Each color is representative of the class or the threshold of handling a voltage without leakage. These codes are as follows: Red = Class 0, White = Class 1, Yellow = Class 2, Green = Class 3, Orange = Class 4.

The following division is based on threshold level of electric current resistance.

electrical safety mats
Class 0 Features:

Marked with red, the class 0 electric shock proof rubber mat prevents voltage leakage up to 1000 V. Although these products are proofed with 5000 V and have shown a threshold of 10000 V. They also come with a ribbed surface for a perfect grip.

Class 1 Features:

The Class 1 electrical insulated mat is created for dielectric safety of 7500 V, with a proof test of 10000 V and withstanding up to 20000 V. These are among the most widespread categories of insulating mats across the industries.

Class 2 Features:

Designed with yellow markings, the Class 2 electrical safety floor mats are designed for electrical safety up to 17000 V. However, the proof test and withstanding voltages are respectively, 20000 V and 30000 V.

Class 3 Feature:

Crafted from fine ribbed rubber, this Class 3 electrical insulated rubber mat provides a safe voltage limit of 26500 V. Each edition has been proof tested for 30000 V, and withstood a maximum voltage of 40000 V.

Class 4 Feature:

Class 4 electrical insulated rubber mat introduces the safest electrical floor coverage, with a voltage safety of 36000 V. As shown by the proof tests, every mat can handle up to 40000 V, and also withstand a threshold of 50000 V.

How Does Rubber Matting Prevent Electric Shock?

Electrical Safety Matting is an effective solution against arc flash, accidental contact with energized surfaces and other electrical incidents-weather caused by human error or systematic fault. Made of electrical insulation rubber, these mats stop the passing of electricity to the ground and free flow of electronshence stopping the electrical injuries. Besides the electricity resistant material, the construction of these mats is further enhanced with a ribbed surface that provides a better grip, hence a safer stance in a workplace.

How to Know which Class of Electrical Matting Suits Your Business?

Selecting the electrical insulated rubber mat from the various color codes comes down to a single point; the exposure of a workplace to a certain voltage limit. The number of voltage safety mentioned in class must match the highest nominal voltage level in the live working system. This is to ensure utilizing the right electrical insulation rubber matting while implementing the current personal safety equipment for your workers.

Usability Precautions and Storage

To ensure durability of your electrical insulation matting, it must be kept away from excess heat, constant contact with corrosive material such as oil, organic solvents, ozone and acid. In case of exposure to any of these materials or general dirt, it must be washed with specified cleanser by the manufacturer and then set to be dried. If the mat is soiled accidentally with sticky material like tar, the affected area must be cleaned with a solvent and then washed with cleansers.

Avoid folding, compressing by weight or storage close to extreme temperatures. It must be stored in a dark place and within its container as directed by the handling instructions. All these factors help to ensure and increase the mat’s durability and effectiveness in delivering a safe performance.

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Ranking as the top electrical kit additions, high voltage insulating rubber mats are a must have safety equipment with a versatile use and function, and in compliance with electrical safety matting regulations. Make sure to match your electrical safety demands with your choice of mat. If you’re still in doubt which insulation rubber mats work the best for your workplace, contact us and we will guide you to a safe decision.

Here at RAAH, safety is our first objective. While we are the number one anti slip rubber mat Singapore distributors, our clients benefit from our mats around the world.

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