The Comprehensive Guide to Tool Lanyards

When working at heights dropping tool related injuries stands as a potential risk both to the operators at height and persons at ground zero level. Dropping objects from a height can cause injuries to personnel and workers at the site ground level resulting in fatal accidents, body injuries related damages and loss in man hours. Keeping workers safe is the top priorities for any company from a safety point of view.

In order toreduce tool drop-related dangers and accidents tool tethers play an important part in any tool stop drop scheme, Tool Tethers and Attachment Points not only keep the tools safe but also avoid work related stress or distraction. Prevention of dropping objects stands at the first line of height safety to secure Tool Drop related issues.

What are lanyards and their uses?

When it comes to handling tools at a height and keeping them safe from falling there is no tool more functional that lanyards. They are designed for handling personnel, tools, suspended heavy tools etc. Dedicated to the significance of safety, lanyards for tools working at height were introduced as standard solutions for the safety of the personnel working at elevations and those below a worksite.Each variety is especially engineered for particular functions.

These best retractable tool lanyards are designed to contribute to safety, without compromising work efficiency. There are a range of tool lanyards available to offer the best performance in a workplace, without creating tangle and toggle related accidents, inadequacy to prevent tool drops and other complications for the operators or nearby machinery.

Varieties of Lanyards

Safety tool lanyards are constructed with a simple mechanism; a connection point at each end of a cord to connect a tool to an anchor point. Despite its simplicity, tethers are available in a wide variety range with modification to address different tool attachments, weight and workplaces. Here is generalized variety of tool tethers;


Elastic Tool Tethers

Elastic tool tethers also referred to as bungee tethers are designed to absorb impact and weight shock, while still keeping the tool from falling. There is a carabiner on one end of these elastic cords to attach to an anchor point securely, while the other side is engineered with a D shackle or another carabiner to attach to a harness.

The carabinier materials are available in lightweight aluminum, chemical resistant stainless steel and durable plastic for static use. The loop end varieties are constructed with the same nylon material as the cord.

Hard Hat Lanyards

Hard hat lanyards are designed with flat cords to fix hard hats to a garment or harness. They are a seamless and comfortable substitute to chin straps. On one side, a clip is included to prevent clamp from losing the hold. Each of these lanyards comes with an adjustable mechanism. They are available in standard and retractable or coiled varieties.

The standard hard hat lanyards attach to a hard hat on one end with a loop, while the other end is anchored to the worker’s clothes and equipment with a carabiner or clip. While the coiled version is designed with similar function and anchorage, it has the ability to loop back into the pace by self-adjustable cord feature.

Elasticated lanyards are a staple for work at height with tools. Made from commercial grade industrial polyester webbing, our elasticated lanyards are built to perform day in, day out. They come in Teflonised webbing and stainless steel components with a length of 1m relaxed and 1.9m stretched.

Elasticated Tool Lanyard – D-Rings

Elasticated Tool Lanyard – D-Ring & Bayonet

Elasticated Tool Lanyard – D-Ring & Swivel

Elasticated Tool Lanyard – D-Ring & Spring Clip

Elasticated Tool Lanyard – Choke & Swivel

Elasticated Tool Lanyard – Choke & Bayonet


Retractable Tool Lanyards

Retractable tool lanyards are designed to hook up tools to a fastening point and systematically retract back into an accessible and safe range. These tools are used as a conductive joint and often along with a standard tether or carabiner. The following tool lanyards are classified under this category;

  • Coiled Tool Lanyard
  • These heavy duty retractable tool lanyards are constructed with a strong coiled loop that cuts back on the lanyard’s length in order to prevent tangle-related incidents. They are also antishock by absorbing the impact in case of dropping tools. Coiled tool tethers expand in case there is a pressure applied- usually by tool drop- and then restore the coiled position once more. They include belt lanyard retractable, hard hat varieties, hand holding tool lanyards and more.
  • Standard Tool Tethers
  • Standard tool tethers comprise a simple strap with a flat profile that is designed with carabiners or loops on one or both ends. They secure a tool to a fastening point to restrict dropping objects and offer fall protection for tools and creating a hazard.
  • Twin-Leg Elastic Tool Tethers
  • Twin-leg tool tethers are also designed with an elastic band for tractability. They are constructed with two straps to hook up the tool to an anchor point. At one end, the tether joins with the tool and the other end attaches to a secure curb.

Unrivalled for daily use with high frequency tool usage, the Cobra MKII retractable tool lanyard has been rebuilt from the ground up meet the rigorous demands of trade professionals who work at height with hand tools.

Cobra MKII

  • Retrofits onto all belts and harness straps
  • Flexible PU coated stainless steel wire (Ø 1.9mm, 1.25 m extended length)
  • Prevents line-twist and connector rollout.

Cobra MKII + Easy-Reel

  • Two inline swivels
  • Swivel system that increases range of motion

Cobra MKII + Wire Extender

  • • 30 cm wire extension

Cobra MKII + Handrail Strap

  • • Triple-Lock velcro fastening strap
  • Max tube Ø 50 mm


Webbing Tool Lanyard

The Webbing Lanyards are designed for practicality, affordability and compact structure. They are made with a tenacious webbing for resilience and withstanding the most demanding environments.

Our webbing lanyards are 1m and 1.5m in lengths and come with connectors on each end, for attaching top tethered tools. The webbing itself is tested for tangle free performance through 36o degree movement and sufficient for tool handling with a weight up to 5 kg.

Webbing Tool Lanyard – D-Rings

  • 2x 3mm diameter stainless steel D-Rings.
  • Allows direct attachment to tool tether and anchor point.
  • 25mm polyester webbing reinforced at both ends.

Webbing Tool Lanyard – D-Rings & Bayonet

  • 5mm multi-braid pro-static rope with a 300kg breaking load
  • extremely strong and fit-for-purpose
  • Gives you greater choice of connection methods

Webbing Tool Lanyard – D-Rings & Swivel

  • Can be used safely with any connector, including plain gate karabiners.
  • Eliminates lanyard twisting thanks to full 360 degree rotation.

Webbing Tool Lanyard – D-Rings & Spring Clip

  • Spring clip acts like a hybrid between a swivel and a plain gate karabiner.
  • A quick and easy way to connect and disconnect your lanyard.

Webbing Tool Lanyard – Choke & Swivel

  • Prevents karabiner rollout.
  • Can be used safely with any connector
  • Eliminates lanyard twisting thanks to full 360 degree rotation.

Webbing Tool Lanyard – Choke & Bayonet

  • 5mm multi-braid pro-static rope with a 300kg breaking load.
  • The bayonet loop gives you greater choice of connection methods.
  • Choke also allows direct anchor point attachment to your harness strap or belt.


Wire Tool Lanyards

Wires are resistant to a wide range of environmental conditions, hence a popular choice for demanding workplaces. This high quality tool lanyard can easily withstand heat, most chemical exposures, rust etc, while maintaining a lightweight and easy to maintain profile.

All our wire lanyards are made from 3 mm durable stainless steel, offering a great precision and control while in use. The lanyard itself has a weight of 0.02kgs but can also handle up to 5 kg of tethered tool weight.

Pro Wire Tool Lanyard

  • 3 mm stainless steel wire lanyard in a structurally reinforced PU sleeve
  • Swivel prevents lanyard twisting.

Wire Tool Lanyard

  • Light weight
  • 2 mm stainless steel wire lanyard in a rubber sleeve.

Spiral Tool Lanyard

  • 2x stainless steel swivelling ring anchor points,
  • Ø 7 mm cable, 44 cm length (190 cm expanded)

Mini Spiral Tool Lanyard

  • Light weight
  • stainless steel coiled wire lanyard in a rubber sleeve
  • Ø 3.8 mm cable.


Viper Tool Lanyards

The viper tool lanyards are available in a variety of sizes attached to a female connector with D- Ring that permits instant connection to the viper line of products.

The Viper product range is an all-in-one tool tethering solution, while permitting the quick change of tool without compromising workflow efficiency. The idea is that the right combination of conductors increases the speed of tool configuration, while still upholding the standards of hand tool safety lanyards.

To remove a tool from the tool tethering systems, all that needs to be done is to push down the buckle and it releases the hold.

The Viper Tool Lanyards are then connected to durable and industrial grade nylon with high visible colors, and linked to a heavy duty carabiner attachment on one or both sides.

Other varieties offer a webbing loop to assist a safe dual-channel lock installation to a loop. All of our viper lanyards are shock absorbent, resistant to heat, chemical and impact exposure and guarantee a reliable utility.

They are available in 60cm that stretches to 85cm, and 90cm that also expands to 155cm, each handling a weight up to 2.5 kg.

Wire Tool Lanyard

  • Light weight
  • 2 mm stainless steel wire lanyard in a rubber sleeve.


Viper Connectors

In a tribute to the versatile viper lanyard systems, viper connectors are engineered to offer a quick attachment with adaptability to the area of use.

They are constructed with multi-braided rope for additional safety, while attached to a D ring or an O ring on one side. The other side is designed with a slip-in choker that facilitates rapid exchange of tools and installation.

According to utility, they are available in 360 degree swivel heads, standard D-rings, simple loops, spring clips, both female and male viper adopters and the universal Bayonet loop fitting.

Factors to consider when choosing a lanyard offering a full range of motion for premium maneuverability, task related utility, resilience against harsh environmental aspects such as chemical exposure spark and magnetic field, tether tool weight, frequency of use and application.

Viper Connector – D-Ring

Viper Connector – Swivel

Viper Connector – Choke

Viper Connector – Beyonette


Viper Connector – Spring Clip

Viper Adaptor

Final Words

While height safety remains a content concern across several industrial sectors, Drop safe is a crucial part of workplace safety assessment that ranges from industrial to residential safety.

If you need advice on your choice of Lanyard or a question on our range of drop safe products contact our safety expert at RAAH Safety, Raah Safety has contributed a large section of their safety products to antidrop and anti fall protection equipment.

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