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Operating at a height or working on jobsite or Rig, the workers safe is among the top-most priority for any company. Any tool dropped from a height can be fatal to personnel and workers working below resulting in unexpected accidents. The innovative systems for Tool@rrest Scaffolders Belt are particularly engineered for safe attachments for tethers and tools in order to achieve objectives such as; anti tool drop, anti tangle, hands free maneuverability and higher efficiency to work application.

Introducing Tool@rrest Scaffolders Belt:

Tool@rrest 3 Piece Scaffolders Belt

Our Scaffolding Tool Kit 3 Piece Belt features a 7/16″ scaffold spanner, 5M tape measure and a precise spirit level. Every tool attachment in our scaffold belt sets is designed with appropriate tether attachment or holders for a secure anti slip utility. Holders and lanyards are available for all our tools for an appropriate tool tethering.

Tool@rrest 4 Piece Scaffolders Belt

Tool@rrest 4 Piece Scaffolders Belt offers you a waistline tethered scaffold tools option along with to 5M tape measure, 10″ torpedo level particularly used for tight spaces, a 7/16″ scaffold spanner with flexible head and a 19mm x 21mm scaffolding podger spanner. Holders and lanyards are available for all our tools for an appropriate tool tethering.

Tool@rrest 5 Piece Scaffolders Belt

Tool@rrest 5 Piece Scaffolders Belt includes; a 5M tape measure, 10″ scaffolding torpedo level, 7/16″ tethered scaffold spanner, compact 19mm x 21mm Podger spanner and a versatile Podger hammer. Holders and lanyards are available for all our tools for an appropriate tool tethering.

Tool@rrest 6 Piece Scaffolders Belt

Tool@rrest 6 Piece Scaffolders Belt is designed to provide accessibility and anti tool drop features. It encompasses: a 5 piece plus 16oz claw hammer, or an Estwing curved claw hammer, 5m tape measure, 250mm torpedo level, 7/16 scaffold spanner, 19 x 21mm Podger spanner, and scaffolding Podger hammer. Holders and lanyards are available for all our tools for an appropriate tool tethering.

Introducing Tool@rrestTool Kits:

These can be available as either individual tools or a customize tool kit; RAAH Safety brings Tool@rrest Tools Kits for selected durability and precision. Tools that are manufactured to the highest of standards and ergonomically designed that fits any worker hand comfortably thus reducing the risk of a dropped objects occurrence through muscle fatigue. These kits are suitable for both highly specialist and general work in the offshore and onshore industries.

Tool@rrest Derrick Maintenance Tool Kit

Tool@rrest Derrick Maintenance Tool Kit is designed with a lockable cabinet which is designed with wheels and brakes for safe and easy relocation; the cabinets also come with forklift base for mechanical transport. The drawer slides feature extra smooth sliders, lined with foam to keep the tools protected and securely in their place. They are designed to cater to 158 tools and lanyards. Contact us to get the thorough list and tool details.

Tool@rrest Electrical Tool Kit

Tool@rrest Electrical Tool Kit is constructed for convenient relocation, featuring slide drawers. Each slide is covered with a foam layer to hold the tools and lanyards securely in their place. For mechanical transport, the cabinet is enriched with a forklift base. The overall tool count inside is 165, including lanyards and tools list for electricians. Contact us to get the thorough list and tool details.

Tool@rrest Mechanical Tool Kit

Designed for auto repair, mechanical machinery maintenance, and residential and industrial building care, Mechanical Tool Kit is designed with a heavy duty cabinet with dimension specification of 512 x 482 x 405m. The kit is also reinforced with welded seams. For easy movability, the auto mechanic tool sets come with recessed handles. It offers 147 tools and lanyards that are safely organized in 6 drawers. Contact us to get the thorough list and tool details.

Tool@rrest Drillers Kit

Constructed to withstand the industrial use while ensuring safe storage of tools, the driller maintenance anti drop tools pride secure storage to 126 tethered tools and lanyards. They are designed with foam quilted drawers and for fitting compartments for a wide range of drill bits, screw heads, battery, etc. Contact us to get the thorough list and tool details.

Tool@rrest Large Crane Kit

Convenience and tool drop safety are the main features of the large crane maintenance kit, manufactured to support the tools from slipping or being left behind while working at height. These kits are integrated with anti slip pool safety standards, offering 99 tools and lanyards for a secure work experience. Contact us to get the thorough list and tool details.

Tool@rrest Crane Maintenance Kit

As the name indicates, these kits are designed as a broad tool package and storage for crane maintenance equipment. They are stored within removable and foam lined slides. The kit offers waterproof features, built from an unbreakable Peli case. The crane maintenance tools come with 33 tethered tools that include all the essential tool sets for mechanics.

Tool@rrest Marine Tethered Kit

Tailored to offer a complete solution to maintenance decks and worksites in marine locations. All of our marine maintenance tools display durability and resistance to environmental factors such as humidity and rust in and around marine locations. The kit consists of 54 tether specific tools, placed in a heavy duty Peli case. The cabinet also features waterproof characteristics..

Tool@rrest Offshore Training Kit

Crafted for particular use around the offshore decks, oil rigs and any company that functions off site, the offshore training kit includes 30 specialized tethered tools. These components are carefully placed with slides that are covered with foam lining. Each kit is designed with waterproof and impact resistant Peli cabinet. All of our offshore kits are easy to transport and resilient to harsh environmental atmospheres, while providing easy and convenient access to your tools. Get the complete list now.

Tool@rrest Tethered Land Rig Kit

A full range package of tools with tethers and lanyards that are specially designed tools for working onshore in land rig worksites. Convenient storages, easy accessibility and anti tool drop features are the notable highlights of these kits. The tools are safely placed in foam quilted compartments, and come with a heavy duty and waterproof Peli case. In total, there are 73 specialized tools. Contact our experts at RAAH International to get the list of the tools, detailed measures and any other information.

Tool@rrest 13 Piece Tethered Toolkit

Made with industrial grade and sturdyPeli cabinet, this compact yet comprehensive 13 piece tethered toolkit offers well-organized tool sets for maximum convenience. When working at heights, you no longer have to worry about leaving a tool behind or dropping the tools with this essential tether tool kit. For maximum safety and tool protection, each tool in this tool starter kit is placed in form hugging placement in the drawer’s foam quilting.

Tool@rrest 23 Piece Tethered Tool Kit

Eliminate accidental tool drop and have all the essential tools for working at height handy with this 23 Piece Tethered Tool Kit. It comes with foam quilted slides for secure tool storage, and integrated within a waterproof and resilient cabinet. Request the complete list of tools within this kit by contacting our experts now.

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