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Utilitarian Tool Holsters

Tool Holsters, tether systems, work belts and pouches are arranged to assist the workflow and safety of the operators who work at height as well as beneath a worksite. These innovative systems are particularly engineered for safe attachments for tethers, in order to achieve objectives such as; anti tool drop, anti tangle, hands free maneuverability and higher efficiency to work application.


Several industries can benefit from our Pro Utility Vests, as an ultimate solution to convenient and safe holstering. To maintain a tight fit, the tethering safety vest is modifiable in three points of front, side and the shoulders.

Having a design that is reinforced with several pockets and tool holster fittingsas well as 8x D-ring attachment points to accommodate use of multiple tools and offer anchorage point for more lanyards, the lightweight profile offers a breathable and more comfortable structure with padding for all day utility. These vests are also highly resilient to withstand demanding work environments. The safety weight threshold reaches up to 30 kg. For increased safety the vest is streaked with visible markings for the operator’s safety when working at night or dimly lit environments.


Measuring tapes is one of the staple tools in numerous workplaces and despite their widespread utility the measuring tapes are prone to fall if directly if not stored properly in a pocket. Surveyors Tape Measure Holster is designed to help to carry your large tapes all day long seamlessly.

The holster is designed with a zipped pocket that is enhanced with a D ring anchorage point to be attached to a holster lanyard, zippered belt pouch or safety vest directly.

These varieties are designed to cater holstering for 30 m disc tape measures with up to 1.5 kg weight.


These holsters are made with high-quality and durable polyester for industrial purpose. The design comprises a harness cradle to secure your tape in place and prevent falling with impeccable locking operation.

To accommodate a variety of tape sizes the holster is adjustable both in height and width, but the recommended size ranges from 5 m to 12 m measuring tapes and can also cater to 100 meters measuring tape. The harness is tested and certified according to international safety policies, and holds up to 1000 gram of weight.


Single Tool Holster is designed for small hand tools that can fit in a pocket. This can be attached to the safety black leather tool bag, your best tool belts and pouches or vest. It is constructed for quick holstering application and exchange of the tools to complement safety and workflow. The design particularly addresses the problem of dealing with small tools at a height. It is made with an ergonomic structure and soft edges for seamless use.

Single Tool Holster holds the tools with universal size vigorously and attaches to an anchorage point with a lanyard, gear belts loop, Velcro straps, etc. The maximum weight capacity for holstering is at 5000 grams.


Several professionals including army and police force, mining instructors and petrochemical instructors require handy radios to stay in contact. The Pro Radio Holster is constructed as a perfect poach for universal portable radios. The main pocket is fixed to 70 cm bungee lanyard in the back to prevent the holster from falls and tool drops while climbing, handling other tools or other hands free operations. The holster is built with two stainless steel D rings, for installment to velcro straps, harness lanyards and workers belt loops. It comes with a quick release locking system for easy fitting and removal.


Radio Holster is constructed with adjustment features to take in all portable radio sizes. Additionally, it can be used for phones and other small tools with similar structure. In the backside, the holster is augmented with a swivel attachment point to provide maximum maneuverability and a safe anchorage point. The gun belt pouch design is crafted to promote work efficiency, which comes relatively easy and quick to release and remove from the tether points. In places where communication is a key function, these radio holsters offer an exceptional solution for handling up to 1500 grams handy radios and similar objects.


Mobiles are an inseparable part of the modern lifestyle, including homes, workplaces, during outdoor excursions. To prevent damages to mobile devices, or eliminate tool-fall-related injuries, Mobile Device Holsters offer a comprehensive solution.

The tool belt phone holders come with a touch screen responsive design, and can be attached to a lanyard, a belt loop or other tether systems. This cell phone tool pouch is also tested and certified with international fall arrest standards for holding a maximum weight of 1500 grams.


Spray Can Holsters are presented for aboveground use of sprays such as antirust, colors, lubricators, etc. Spray cans are not designed with a stable grip normally, which increases the possibility of a fall from a height. These belt and Velcro vest holsters provide an all-in-one solution of all cans with up to 7 cm in diameter, 30 cm in height and a maximum of 2000 grams in weight.

These holsters are fashioned from heavy duty nylon to withstand chemical exposure and wear, and designed with D ring tether anchorage for attachment to belt or lanyards. For maximum convenience, our can holsters come with an in-built bungee lanyard.


Drill Battery Shoe or Holster is constructed with a robust mesh-like textile to provide ventilation; a reinforced feature for drill batteries which are prone to heating due to electrical resistance. These holsters offer easy fitting, and removal of drill when required, without interrupting the operations workflow efficiency.

With the help of a self-tightening design, the holster wraps tightly around the drill to prevent safety issues such as fall, lose hold on both the battery and the overall drill body.

To increase safety features, our drill battery shoes are highlighted with highly visible markings for dimly lit and dark workplaces. This holster guarantees a reliable everyday use, packed with resistance to impact, abrasion, heat and chemical exposure both on the holster and its lanyard. They are available in their sizes off medium, large and extra large for heavy industrial drill utility.


Drill hammers are defined as multifunctional tools that range from drilling through concrete and unscrewing. Hammer Drill Corsets are a part of tool tether system to prevent accidental drop of the drill and fall-related injuries when working on elevated surfaces. The tool belt drill holster comes with a zero obstruction, which means it locks the tools safely in with a self-tightening feature. The design is tested and certified under international tool arrest standards. It virtually leaves no loose compartments to create tool drop related complications. RAAH Safety offers two varieties of Hammer Drill Corsets to cater for the battery, or the drill’s main body, both with a safety weight threshold of 5 kg.


Battery Holster for Cordless Drills offer a universal fit to accommodate almost any of the T-handled drills in the market.

They are devised to prevent tool drop accidents by reinforced webbing on the edges that tightens with an adjustable strap. This feature accommodates different drill models without worrying about a safe fit. The fastening buckle comes with a fast release mechanism for an improved efficiency.

To enhance the workflow, this drill gun holster offers several pockets embedded around the holster to store small tools and components. Furthermore, each holster purchase arrives with a bungee lanyard with retention function.

These holsters are extremely ergonomic for a comfortable all day use, designed with features such as handle padding, balance tested for balance on electrical tool belts with suspenders and secure strap. They are available in designs for both left-handed and right-handed operators.

Final Words

Tool safety is a sensitive matter in workplaces that operate at heights and should not be ignored. For a safer industrial environment, order your tool holsters now from RAAH Safety. Raah Safety has contributed a large section of their safety products to antidrop and anti fall protection equipment.

To get a quotation on bulk orders, or if you cannot find the holster and tether system you’re looking for, contact our experts at RAAH Safety today.

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