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Tool@rrest Anti Drop accessoriesare dedicated to provide tools and equipment that prevent accidental tool drop which is both beneficial to the workers, bystanders and the tools themselves. These safety additions are generally used by engineers and maintenance contractors and workers at heights.

Tool@rrest Padded Toolbelt

This Toolbelt sits around the waist, with comfort features enhanced by a detachable padding. The padded interior is also adjustable with a hook and loop mechanism. The two belt loops are also added to the design to secure it in the place according to size requirement.

Tool@rrest Double Scaffold Spanner Holder

These sturdy scaffolding spanner tool holders are suitable for any professional within the building and construction industry. They are made to last and crafted from industrial grade nylon fabric with nylon stitching. Moreover it is attached to a karabiner anchor for attachment to fixed point.

Tool@rrest Small Universal Holder

Compatible with a variety of small hand tools, the Small Universal Holder is designed from heavy duty nylon. It offers convenience, abrasion resistance, and tool drop safety. It comes with a metal carabiner that can be used for attaching the tools to an anchorage point.

Tool@rrest Hammer Holder

Tool@rrest Hammer Holder is engineered from durable Nylon fabric with nylon stitching. The choice of material aims to guarantee resistance to abrasion and reduce weight. They are ideal for a variety of hammers. Carabiner anchor is designed for direct attachment to a belt, vest or Tool@rrest Tool Tethers.

Large Parts Pouch

To keep the small tools and spare part from falling when working at heights, the Large Part Pouch is designed from sturdy nylon. The main lid is secured with a top zipper; to eliminate the risk of potential tool drop while keeping the parts organized and within reach.


Tool@rrest Adjustable Stilson Holder

Crafted from industrial grade Nylon fabric with double seam nylon stitching, the Stilton Holder keeps the heavy unit handy and safe. The holder can slide in a standard tool belt. The design is meant for “Head Down” storage to balance the weight and eliminate the fall. It could also be tethered by using the carabinier anchor.

Tool@rrest Tethered Drill Battery Wr@p

Made particularly to fit a NiCad or Li-on battery, Tool@rrest Tethered Drill Battery Wr@p is designed to encase and secure the battery. Moreover, it functions as a safe tethering point for the drill, while preventing the detaching of the battery from the drill. This holder’s Safe Working Capacity is about 2.5kgs. You can purchase certified tether, tags, etc, separately.


Tool@rrest Water Bottle Holder

Adjustable Water Bottle Holder encases the entire bottle. The top is designed with a carabiner which helps to attach the holder to a harness, belt, etc.
It is made of double thick nylon fabric, a webbing strap with drawstring function and a plastic quick release buckle

Tool@rrest Hard Hat Lanyard

Tailored with high visibility fluorescent yellow webbing, the Tool@rrest Hard Hat Lanyard is rated to 1kg. They are particularly used with hard hats. The lanyard comes with a durable plastic buckle and anchoring clip for a quick and user-friendly function.

Tool@rrest Tethered Rucksack

Made from premium polyester fiber this Tool@rrest Tethered Rucksack are resistant to tear and abrasion, with waterproof properties. They are designed ergonomically and offer weight support when worn. These bags come with two shoulder straps and an additional torso strap to keep the bag from dangerously swinging.

Tool@rrest Vest and Work Belt

Tool@rrest Vest and Work Belt is essentially every Workman’s requirement, especially those working at a height. They are lightweight and highly convenient, with several multi-functional pockets. Operators can keep all their small tools, such as screwdrivers, knives, rulers, etc, just at an easy reach. They are made from durable nylon and double-stitched for an enhanced strength.

Tool@rrest MEWP Bag with internal Tether Points

MEWP Bag with internal Tether Points is a versatile tool protection storage. It comes with multiple compartments to hold diverse tools including hammer, tape measure etc. it keeps the tools organized, safe from potential drop and clean.

Tool@rrest Tethered Satchel Bag

Simple yet efficient, Tool@rrest Tethered Satchel Bag is designed with internal carabiners and compartments. Ot offers a single shoulder strap for safe carrying tools to height. It is made from durable polyester and can withstand even the harshest industrial sites.

Tool@rrest Tethered Over Shoulder Bag

Thai cross body Tethered Bag is manufactured from industrial grade nylon. The interior is upgraded for tool fall protection with 6 screwgate carabiners. It can be attached to the belt with designated loops for preventing it from swinging while climbing.

Tool@rrest Open Tethered Pouch

Open Tethered Pouch is manufactured for anchoring to a belt with several internal carabiners and pockets. The design is extremely ergonomic and helps distribute the weight evenly around the user’s waist. It highlights a lightweight silhouette with durable material.

Tool@rrest Hi Vis Holdall

As the name indicates, Tool@rrest Hi Vis Holdall is an all round and versatile tool protection storage. It offers a generous 85 litre capacity and a separate base pocket to store the dirty items such as the footwear. It features waterproof coating, hi vis color and an enhanced tool arrest safety for transporting goods.

Tool@rrest Belt Keeper

Tool@rrest Belt Keeper offers 2 screwgate carabiners to handle tools and equipment safely. The maximum safety load capacity is at 2.5kg. It is made from durable polyester webbing and flexible D ring. It can be anchored to belts for slip on attachment.

Tool@rrest Self Tether Tape Measure Holder

The Self Tethered Tape Measure Holder is made from sturdy nylon webbing and a D ring attachment in the back. It comes in two sizes, and is designed particularly for 5m and 8-10m tape measures. The tape measure holders can be fit belts with standard width.

Tool@rrest Tethered Multi Meter-Holder

The Tethered Multi Meter-Holder is a must have in industrial energy sectors and electrician trade. These holders are made from double-thick nylon to keep the meters both safe from impact and potential fall. It encases the meter completely, and provides easy access by a flap top. The holder is designed with a backside anchorage point to tether the meter to a safety belt, vet, storage bag, etc.

Tool@rrest Tethered Laser Meter-Holder

Due to an enhanced precision, laser meters are used across several industries. The Tool@rrest Tethered Laser Meter-Holder is manufactured with an innovative silhouette. It is a combination of double-thick nylon and a transparent nylon sheep in the front. This way, the operators can read the numbers while the meter is yet encased. It comes with a sturdy D ring on the back as a tether anchorage point.

Tool@rrest Pouch

The multi functional Tool@rrest Pouch is crafted for storing diverse tools when working at height. The pouch attaches to a belt or other anchorage points and offers internal carabiners to keep the tools secure in place.

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