Nothing is as discouraging as becoming “stuck in the hole” for any offshore drilling project, still it is not uncommon on any drilling rig. Many potential reasons can halt operations and force a result to loss in productivity and man hours. There are several issues to this, noted if the crew and driller are not competent.

In each individual Rig, especially if you have achieved a significant depth in drilling over a long period of time, it is preferable to try and retrieve what equipment has been dropped in the hole rather than to start over drilling a new hole.

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We have heard Rig managers on duty scream “cover the hole” a million times on the rig floor. If any object is accidentally dropped into the well, this would cause a loss of time and significant amount of money to fish it. Dropping a tool or an object down the drill hole of any drilling rig may lead to expensive shut downs to retrieve the object itself?

What can lead to an object dropped in the drill shaft?

Poor maintenance on dog collar
Poor procedures for handling tools
Poor training of the crew on use and storage of tools on the rig floor

But stuff happens – after spending a large sum, all it would have took to stop that from happening was if only crew member can properly protect the drill hole. But this time, it won’t.

Bad Ass Work Gear Rotary Table Skirt is designed to be used as a protective skirt (drop-tool barrier) on the rotary table around a stopped drill pipe before any repair work or maintenance work is performed.
RAAH SAFETY brings to you the heavy duty, super tough Bad Ass Work Gear product that you’ll be proud to carry onto the rig floor and show the boys! The ultimate protection from dropping tools downhole on any drilling rig.

The Heavy Duty 18 oz. Vinyl (toughest in the market) a tough material used for long lasting experience.
One side is yellow for sa
fety. One side is Black so it doesn’t look as dirty.
Adjustable Velcro strips to fit around the pipe and hold in place 5′ Overall Diameter with a 5″ drill pipe hole in the center of the rotary table skirt
It is lightweight yet durable quality and using only Velcro. No metal items are used.

Don’t go fishing for dropped objects down a Rotary table hole, Get you

Bad Ass Work Gear Rotary Table Skirt from RAAH SAFETY and save those millions!

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