Stiffy Push Pull Safety Hand Tool

RAAH Safety manufactures a line of safe hand tool to provide HSE Managers, Rigging and Slinging Trainers  real solutions to create safer working conditions. The Stiffy Push Pull Hand Tool is crucial to implementation of Hands Free and Hands Off Policies.

Raah International - Raah Safety are Authorised Distributors / Sole Agents in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia and more.
Raah Safety Hand Tool - also known as RAAHSafety Safety Tool, RAAH Safety Stick, Push Pole, Push Pole Stick, Push Pull Safety Tool.
When used effectively and as designed, the  RAAH Safety Push Pull Hand Safety Tool™  provides a  buffer zone of safety where personnel can guide, maneuver and spot suspended loads while avoiding pinch points and crush points. The RAAHSafety Hand Safety Tool™ gives operators a way to mitigate risk  by equipping and training workers to not place themselves in danger by working in an unsafe proximity to hazardous suspended loads.
RAAH Safety Push Pull Pole Safety Tool for Manouvering & Guiding Suspended loads and Snagging Taglines.

RAAH Safety SHT2 Hand Tool

The Raah Safety - RAAHSafety Safe Hand Tool - Push Pull Pole supplying the original Stifffy Push Pull Pole Tool.
The SHT-2 is the most popular Safety Stiffy Tool.
· Versitile V-Shaped tool hand to push against flat, cornered and round surfaces
· Tool head has a rubber lining to prevent slippage
· Opposing V-hooks on the tool head designed to snag taglines
· Enhanced with carbon fibre sleeve on the neck to reinforce tool head
· Engineered " Glove sized" hand stop with gussets. Highly egronomic and slip resistant grip
· Weighs as low as 1.75oz per foot
· Load Testing : Static pull 400 lbs. Compression 600 lbs.
· Available in sizes: 24" , 42" , 50" , 72"
. RAAH SHT2-24 - 24" , RAAH SHT2-42 - 42" , RAAH SHT2-50 - 50" , RAAH SHT2-72 - 72"

raah sht-244250 raah sht-72

RAAHSafety Pipe Wipe Hand Tools

raah stiffy pipe wipe tool

The RAAH Safety Pipe Wipe™ is a risk management safety tool designed to allow  hands free  wiping of drilling fluids and other debris from tubular. When used effectively and as designed, the Stiffy Pipe Wipe provides a buffer zone of safety allowing rig personnel to work smarter and safer! Proudly handmade in America
Raah International - Raah Safety offering the RAAHSafety Pipe Wipe Hand Tool.
The Pipe Wipe has a carbon fiber handle and flexible tooling heads available in half moon radiuses of 4, 5, and 6 inches. 
RAAHSafety Pipe Wipe 6" Stiffy Pipe Wipe 5" RAAHSafety Pipe Wipe 4"