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RaahSafety - SafeMate Safe Plates (SP) are designed and manufactured to provide the highest rated non-slip or antislip surface. Our Safeplates are available in standard sizes and are also cut to design so as to fit the floor area to be covered. We manufacture safeplates for applications in pedestrian traffic as well as in industry for traction to forklifts and other machinery.

Slips and trips result in thousands of injuries every year. The most common ones are musculoskeletal injuries, cuts, bruises, fractures and dislocations but more serious injuries can also occur. Slips occur when a person’s foot loses traction with the ground surface due to wearing inappropriate footwear or when walking on slippery floor surfaces such as those that are highly polished, wet or greasy.

SafeMate’s Safe Plates, when installed on access and egress paths, ensures safer passage for pedestrians in all conditions, indoor, and outdoor. In industry they offer additional safeguard in preventing skidding accidents. They are durable, economical; withstand heavy traffic and long lasting.

In a pedestrian environment, our Safe Plates can reduce the number of falls. According to a report published by Safe Work Australia 2013, same level falls have contributed to more number of injuries than those from a height.

Safe Plates are equally effective in an industrial environment where number of skids can be greatly reduced by providing better traction for forklifts and machinery movements.

Features :

  • Suitable for public, and industrial use
  • Cut to required design and planar shapes
  • Easy and quick drainage of accidentally spilled fluids
  • Bright safety yellow for easy identification
  • Uniform colour achieved via our state-of-the-art epoxy spray technology
  • Customised to suit intended application
  • No abrupt protrusions
  • Available in GlowMate version


  • Enhanced slip, trip, stumble, and fall prevention in walkways, access and egress paths, and vehicular traffic in industries
  • Reduced incidences of slips, trips, falls and skids
  • Ensures antislip surface for pedestrians
  • Reduces stopping distance in case of accidental skids
  • Not bonded to floor (unlike nonslip coatings) chemically
  • Easily replaceable with a new fixture after lifetime of the product
  • Easy clean by hose • Available in custom length and sizes
  • Available in other colours of choice and also metals
  • Chemically resistant
  • Strongly bonded antislip surface
  • Highest antislip rating – R13 and P5 – as tested by NATA approved, accredited testing facility as per Australian and International standards
  • Easy to install
  • Remains antislip in wet, oily, greasy, dry and dirty conditions
  • Impact resistant metal backing capable of withstanding heavy traffic indoors and outdoors
  • Tested to and exceeds the requirements of AS/NZS 4586-2004 & ASTM 02047-04
  • Manufactured under strict ISO9001- 2008 and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) standards
  • Full 10 year manufacturer warranty

RAAH Safety - Safeplate