By Sujata, Senior Executive, RAAH Safety

RAAH Safety strives to help companies prevent workplace injuries. We know that injuries are more than what appears at face value. It has serious consequences to workers, their families, and employers.   

RAAH Safety is passionate about bringing together the most innovative and plug and play safety solutions for organizations aspiring for Zero Injuries. We also work hard to bring on board experts to advice and guide on how to build a strong safety culture and comprehensive safety programs. In addition, we assist companies to effectively act on their plans, and monitor their progress.

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RAAH Group has been passionately working since 2010 towards providing the best safety tools for workers who work in the most difficult places like oil and gas industries, marines, construction, etc.: in their everyday work life they are prone to extremely vulnerable situations and sometimes near to death accidents.  Hence it becomes crucial for organizations to ensure that they equip their workers with the right safety tools and gears.

RAAH believes that organizations are making more efforts to recognize the workers dedications, but more can be done. Workers deserve to be applauded for working diligently even in these rough times, like the ongoing pandemic. Even thought the work that they do is to support their families; still they need to be recognized for risking their lives and getting the job done especially in these conditions.

Background on RAAH Safety’s efforts over the years:

RAAH Safety started its efforts in early 2010 and in the last decade it has spearheaded many activities to promote workers safety. Some of these activities include:

1.      Participation in several Safety Day, Safety Week, Safety events and exhibitions

2.      Presentations and Whitepapers on Safety at workplace and Risk mitigating solutions

3.      Case Studies of complex safety challenges made easy

4.      Involvement in strategic discussions during HSE meets

5.      Demonstration on safety solutions at various industries including Oil and Gas, Rigs, Refineries, FPSO, Power companies, FMCG companies, and Chemical companies and more.

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RAAH Safety aspires to promote workers safety and engages all levels of people in efforts to do so.

For instance with Manufacturers: RAAH Safety engages manufacturers to give them feedback from the grounds up, encouraging manufacturers to tweak current tools for better standards, or discuss new designs or work with them to provide new safety solutions.

Companies: We work closely with all levels of the workforce including Decision makers, HSE team, Supervisors and Managers, Project Engineers and the workers at large. At all levels the engagement is to improve workers safety.


In order to laud these workers RAAH Safety has started an initiative by creating a campaign dedicated towards saluting these workers “#RAAHSalutesWorkers”. RAAH has created a series of videos to pay small tribute to these workers, working across various industries.

Besides the videos, RAAH Safety hopes to engage its audience with several posts including videos, info graphics, articles, case studies, product reviews, statistics, blogs, and success stories and more

We at RAAH believe that organizations should build strong safety programs and engage their workers in them. Every industry needs to take responsibility in encouraging workers to take charge of their own safety and ensure that they have all required safety tools. RAAH aims at zero workplace injuries and has all electrical safety tools, handsfree safety tools, antislip tools, safety tools to prevent slips, falls and trips. We look forward to sharing many experiences and hope you share yours too on our page.

RAAH Safety urges organizations and workforce to join hands to promote and salute their workers.  Celebrating the workers who mitigate risks everyday! #RAAHSalutesWorkers

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