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One of the most common issues around the drilling rigs is controlling the suspended pipes. The Offshore Handling Snare Tools are an innovative solution for the movement of drill pipe in both vertical and horizontal positions.


The different pole lengths including; 92cm, 122cm and 152cm are designed to reach the suspended pipes at diverse distances. The snare tool is especially made for and used in Offshore Handling, Maneuvering suspended pipes and tubular. Hence the construction presents extra durability and robustness for these rough work environments; whereas normal slings can easily break and even cause mid-operation incidents and accidents. The Snare tool comes fitted with a high performing marine grade aluminium pole.

Industrial Utility

Several industrial sectors have adapted this secure tool to improve their safety, increase work efficiency and ergonomic innovation. Any industry handling pipe, ironwork and tubing sections, can extremely benefit from this safety equipment. These industries include; 

Benefits and Utilities in the Pipe Handling Systems

The primary causes of rig incident are often consequences of poor manual handling of suspended pipes around oil and gas rigs;

The primary cause is the sudden release of two quadruple joints as a result of failure. Crew members are encouraged to consider the probability of this happening Secondly, the unnecessary presence and uncontrolled access of personnel to work on the access platform destroyed by the fall of the pipe brings the personnel at risk of getting injured by suspended loads.

Offshore Snare tool have been introduced to provide exceptional control over suspended pipes while increasing operators’ safety.


Although a simple design the Snare tool offers outstanding control over the application; it matches a variety of pipe sizes. This way you can have a firm grip over the suspended pipe load of various diameters each pipe or bundles.

Once the pipe is firmly snared, you can guide it easily to its destination while retaining a safe working distance. The pipe handling snares are designed to release the load in precise coordination with the requirements in both vertical and horizontal position.

How Our Manual Lifting Slings Work

The strap easily fits around the pipe or tube. By simply passing the strop beneath the load, the handles should be passed through the strop eye. This is done to make the fit, aka “choke” hitch. You can also install the equipment by slipping the strop eye over the pipe ends.

Noose Function

According to its utility, they are available in single and dual release snare tools;

  • Single Release Snare

    The single release tool is designed to slip over the end of your load. The operator can simply guide the load to the assigned location. Once stable, with a single button, the snare releases and slides off the end. Moreover, it can act for maneuvering the pipe through the push and pull function while it is suspended.

  • Double Release Snare

    When quick action is required, controlling and handling suspended pipes without having to slide off the snare would be a plus. The dual release snare design is enhanced by replacing the slide-off action off the load. All you need to do is to land the pipe and release the snare loop from the tool. Then, the snare cable should be unwrapped from around the load.

For any of these models, avoid lifting weight and prying; they are only made for maneuvering function and heavy weight lifting can cause them to break or malfunction.


The design presents a large noose to comply with any pipe sizes; at the end, the cable runs through the pole to form the noose at the end. Pipe catcher’s pole is constructed for withstanding harsh environmental conditions. It is tailored from heavy duty tempered blue anodized aluminium. The choice of material offers resilience, sturdy structure and a lightweight profile. The handle itself is coated with ergonomic rubber material for a better control and superior comfort.

A simple Slide Control Action Mechanism releases the noose with a pullback release knob. To meet a variety of applications, it comes in different models, differing in handle size and release mechanism.


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If you work around drilling rigs and suspended pipes, especially in offshore stations, safety and workflow efficiency must be your top priorities. Choosing the right tools like pipe catcher snares contribute to both these cost cutting aspects.

Contact our experts for further information, or to order a complete set of pipe handling system tools for a safe and productive pipe operation. Our other important products in Pipe Handling is Drill Pipe Casing Tool, Drill Pipe Handling ToolPro Pipe Gripper Tool.

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