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Watch our demonstration to see how this advanced equipment optimizes workflow and enhances safety in handling drums.

825H-N-125 Scale-Equipped Drum Palletizer with BATTERY Power Drum Lift

Discover the efficiency of the 825H-N-125 Scale-Equipped Drum Palletizer with BATTERY Power Drum Lift. This innovative solution enhances productivity by seamlessly palletizing drums while integrating precise weighing capabilities. Ideal for industrial environments requiring reliable handling of drums, this system ensures accurate inventory management and operational ease. 

Specific to model 825H-N-125…

  • 12V Battery Power drum lift
  • 2-Button pendant to raise and lower drum
  • Scale-Equipped to Lift, Transport and WEIGH drum
  • Scale accuracy of +/- 0.2% of displayed weight
  • Battery and charger are included


Full Capacity

800 Lb. (363.2 kg)

Shipping information

Ship length50″ (127 cm)
Ship width50″ (127 cm)
Ship height56″ (142.24 cm)
Ship weight590 Lb. (267.86 kg)
Ship class92.5

All 82H Drum Palletizers…

  • Handle virtually any RIMMED steel, fiber or plastic drum
  • Jaws grip drum top rim
  • Completely mechanical and automatic drum grip
  • Transport, palletize and depalletize various diameter drums
    • Requires drum to be minimum of 22.5″ (57.15 cm) tall
    • Raise drum up to 19″ (48.3 cm) from floor
    • Requires at least 75 Lb. (34 kg) drum weight to activate jaws
  • Place or retrieve a drum at the corner of pallets
  • Straddles pallet up to 41″ (104 cm) wide and 7″ (18 cm) tall

Experience streamlined drum handling and precise weighing with the 825H-N-125 Scale-Equipped Drum Palletizer featuring BATTERY Power Drum Lift. This innovative solution not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures accuracy in inventory management. Whether you’re in the manufacturing, logistics, or industrial sectors, this system is designed to optimize workflow and elevate safety standards. Explore the future of drum palletizing technology and elevate your operations with our reliable and efficient solution.”

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