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400A-96-114 Lift and Pour Drum Equipment

The 400A-96-114 Lift and Pour Drum is a piece of equipment that allows you to safely and easily lift, move, and pour drums. It is designed for 55-gallon (210L) drums, but can also be used with smaller or larger drums. The drum lifter has a hydraulic lift mechanism that allows you to raise the drum up to 8 feet (244 cm) high. It also has a tilt control that allows you to rotate the drum 360 degrees so that you can pour the contents into a vat, hopper, mixer, or other container.

Product Highlights:

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The 400A-96-114 Lift and Pour Drum is a versatile and easy-to-use tool that can help you to safely and efficiently handle drums. It is a valuable asset for any workplace where drums are used.

However, the 400A-96-114 Lift and Pour Drum does not contain any physical content. It is an empty drum that is used to transport and store liquids or solids. The contents of the drum are typically added after the drum has been lifted and poured.

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