Industries looking at Hose Safety as the next big thing!

A whipping hose is very dangerous and fatal in any work zone. Hazards associated with hoses operating under high pressure are mainly the result of failures caused by excessive pressure, pulsation, vibration, and leaks. Besides the damage resulting from the release of high‐pressure gases or liquids when a hose or pipe ruptures it can cause fatal injuries and uncontrolled whipping actions of the hose. This failure or disconnection of the whipping hose could cause rapid movement that endangers workers and machinery that come in its way. Hence hoses/pipes and their connections must be restrained at all times. Safety Hose restraints provide acceptable protection against whipping in the event of hose/pipe failure.

Can a whipping hose cause an Accident?

Accidents with hose assemblies happen for a number of reasons; but mostly it comes down to faulty or damaged fittings and improper safety protocols followed.

The damage caused by a violently whipping hose, especially a one operating under high pressure, can have severe damage to workers or machinery in range of the whipping hose. The Hose Safety Restraint addresses this concern by limiting the travel or whip of the pressurized hose after it breaks free from its hose fittings.

Accidents like these not only harm the workers but also damage a company’s reputation. But in worst-case scenarios where a fatality occurs, there could even be a level of managerial culpability that leads to prosecution.

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Which Hose Safety Restraints to choose?

Each hose at an operating facility is different due to the application parameters and therefore needs a unique Safety Hose restraints based on its environment and specifications. There are many suppliers for Hose Safety restraints in the market but one of them stands out – RAAH SAFETY.

RAAH Safety Stocks and supplies Hose Safety restraints which are 100% made in USA. RAAH Safety supplies many innovative hose safety products and restraints. Few of which are listed below:

Cable Hose Restraints / Whip Check

A whipcheck extends across the hose fittings to give standby safety for the hose. RAAH Safety Cable Hose Restraints also known as Whip Checks are recommend to be used only on AIR HOSES carrying no more than 200 PSI. Any other use is at your own risk.

Cable/Nylon Hose Chokers

The RAAH Safety – CABLE CHOKER has a specially designed nylon spool which allows the cable to tighten down on the hose during a failure, unlike the WHIP CHECK. The CABLE CHOKER will continue tightening down sometimes even choking off the air for a more controlled release.

Hose Hobbles

Hose Hobbles also known Pipe clamps are used to secure ends of rotary and other high pressure hoses to guard against accident in the event of failure of hose connection.
These come in two types: CABLE STYLE and CHAIN STYLE

RAAH Whip Socks – Whip Stops

The RAAH Safety WHIP STOP has a specially designed braided cable which allows the cable to tighten down on the hose during a failure. The whip sock has a unique design that prevents the very real and unpredictable whipping of a high pressure hose during a failure. The real genius behind these new designs is the woven steel that grips and tightens over a large area of the hose as it suppresses and confines the hose that has ruptured.

Prevention is better than the cure:

A major concern among many EHS and Project managers is to know the proper time to replace the hose restraints. Until recently Safety Hoses restraints have been viewed by many operators to be replaced only in the event of failure. Waiting for too long to replace a hose safety restraint that needs attention can greatly increase risk of an accident, potentially leading to safety issues and unplanned downtime.

In conclusion if a hose line does break, never try to grab it like a monkey or strangle it like Hercules.
Get clear of the area, shut the flow off at the source and get the right Hose Safety Restraint.

Be safe – Your family needs you!