Importance & Benefits of using a High Quality Wire Lubricant

In order to fully understand the importance of the regular application for wire rope lubrication during the working life of stranded or full locked coil hoisting ropes, it is first necessary to analyze the function of any such lubricant.

a) Each wire in any wire rope construction must remain as free as possible from adjacent wires so it can move to accommodate its allocated share of the varying rope tension it has to endure.  This is especially important when the rope is performing at high speed and/or under the high wire contact stresses encountered during hoisting.  Rope design is intended to minimize inter wire frictional contact but only by good lubricating practices can this effect be fully accomplished.


b) The majority of hoist ropes utilized in shafts are subject to corrosion from one cause or another. Shaft water containing a high salt content, chemical fumes, and upcast shafts producing condensation, are among the more notable causes.  Regardless of the cause, it is essential to guard against or retard the certainty of corrosive attack on the steel.  Experience has shown that the application of galvanized wire is only partially successful because the finish soon wears off. Therefore, it is clear that in-service lubricants must possess the following qualities:

a) Penetrate easily into the rope.

b) Displace moisture from the internal and external surfaces.

c) Provide good corrosion protection both internally and externally.

d) Be resistant to emulsification.

e) Possess good rope adhesive properties.

f) Resist removal by mechanical forces.

g) Possess good anti-wear properties.

h) Be compatible with the lubricant already employed during rope manufacture.

It should be pointed out that in the case of full locked coil and many plastic enhanced hoisting ropes; in-service lubricant is confined solely to the outside wire. This is because the inner rope is already sealed off with adequate lubrication.

Invest in a Good lubricator: 

Masto Lubricators are one of the most Wire Lubricants used across various industries


—  All types of wire rope, such as Non-rotating, Deform, and Locked Coil with Heavy grade lubricant.

—  To obtain total penetration through a compact rope the pressure must be minimum 20 bar (285 PSI) in the chamber. Even wire rope subjected to severe surface wear will have a longer life when lubricated with the Masto.

—  Stainless steel, galvanized, and other special types of wire rope require just as much lubrication since friction is the same and corrosion can also occur.

Advantages of using Masto Wire Lubricator:


—  The Masto Lubricator extends rope life. It can use a wide range of lubricants but higher viscosity products are recommended. Oil or liquid will disappear very fast from the rope.

—  Masto saves lubricant and time, and minimizes spillage.

—  The Masto Lubricator is light in weight.

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