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huwe hammer union wrench RAAHSafety

The international patent-pending HUWE® is available today. It was designed by experienced oilfield veterans, thoroughly tested and prototyped, and is manufactured to exacting standards in HUWE®’s own facility in western Canada. Metallic silver is its standard colour.

The HUWE® makes life easier and safer for today’s generation of oilfield workers, without sacrificing speed. You owe it to your crews, your field equipment and your company’s bottom line to grab onto the HUWE®.


  • • User Friendly
  • • Plenty Of Leverage
  • • Much Safer
  • • Economical

About: HUWE

  • • Allows safe tightening and loosening of the union for operator and bystanders
  • • The operator works at a safe distance from union eliminating any injuries
  • • No wear on the nut or union body eliminating splitting due to hairline cracks
  • • Different handle lengths allows the correct torque to be applied without fatigue