Slide Sledge is a tool that has great potential to improve wellbeing and effectiveness in the working environment. This innovative hammer uses a sliding motion that is innovative which provides clients with the ability to sledgehammer away alone on applications that are generally performed by two individuals. The direct movement of Slide Sledge inside its sleeve provides power and accuracy and at the same time it does so without the stress of heavy hammer misses and potentially dangerous blows to the personnel’s hands and fingers and body.

With the force and precision of Slide Sledge, driving pins and other extreme application become more secure, quicker and simpler. The multi head hammer design allows the Slide Sledge to fit in whatever hammer head that is required for the application, providing unparalleled flexibility. The precise lateral motion allows efficiency in force since no power is lost through side ways movement and hitting of the metal bar. Being housed inside the metal case and using axial up and down motion to hammer increases the accuracy of striking due to the hammer being guided inside the housing. Compare this with traditional sledgehammering where the hammer is struck down on the metal bar with less accuracy dependent on the personnel and it becomes clear why Slide Sledge is the superior solution to carry out these applications.

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The Slide Sledge also features inbuilt safety features such as the slide lock. Ensure that the lock is in the closed position before handling the tool because if its not and if a personnel say, inverts the tool upside down, the heavy hammer can drop out of its housing and potentially strike the personnel’s foot, causing injury. The lock is there to prevent this kind of incidents from happening.

There are a variety of different heads available on the Slide Sledge for all sorts of different application. Pin drivers for example, are used to drive pins out. The nature of the interchangeable heads on the Slide Sledge means that you can change out any pin size to fit your applications on the go. Other applications include chiselling for chopping away hardened debris, scarifiers and even flogging heads.

For the flogging head, RAAH has encountered a relevant case study in the past. We were invited to the work site of an international oil company to test out the Slide Sledge in relation to the flogging flanges application. The test was for setting up a flange nut torqued up to 170 Nm of torque. Using the Slide Sledge with flogging head, the nut was able to be loosened with no problems at all. This is using the Slide Sledge to draw back only half way, indicating that the Slide Sledge has not even been utilized at full force.

If in the case of very stubbornly torqued up nuts, even drawing the Slide Sledge back fully and using its full potential to drive the nuts out, it still doesn’t work, there is another solution as well. Slide Sledge also comes with an additional 5 lb weight that can be attached to the end of the hammer, providing additional force for even the most difficult nuts.

Slide Sledge hammers are available with RAAH Safety.

We at RAAH believe that organizations should build strong safety programs and engage their workers in them. Every industry needs to take responsibility in encouraging workers to take charge of their own safety and ensure that they have all required safety tools. RAAH aims at zero workplace injuries and has all electrical safety tools, handsfree safety tools, antislip tools, safety tools to prevent slips, falls and trips. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for your flogging or hammering requirements and we will be happy to assist.

RAAH Safety urges organizations and workforce to join hands to promote and salute their workers.  Celebrating the workers who mitigate risks everyday! #RAAHSalutesWorkers

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