Revolutionizing Oilfield Drilling & Piping Systems with Multi Grab Tools

Handing pipes on drilling platforms requires to be done safe and efficiently using grabbing tools to align the connective joint of the drill pipe casing as well as tubing. The most important factor across such industries is to increase the time required for creating such alignment, while keeping the effectiveness and precision of tasks in optimum level in order to avoid downtime due to accidents or thread damage related complications.

TwistIt and RackIt Hand Safety Tool · Deliver maximum control of suspended tubular, drill collars, and casing on drilling rigs · Enables hands free application to eliminate injury and promote safety. Used by several industries for Pipe Handling applications. Premium quality with long service life. 

This article introduces corresponding products know as Multi Grab tools which complement the entire pipe handling process for stand building and rack back operation, and improve the safety of personnel. These tools are particularly engineered for eliminating the imposed risk to drilling floor professionals and pipes in regard to threads, joints, bail arms, and more. Dedicated to industrial non magnetic tool kit, these two safety handling tools, namely TwistIt and RackIt, are categorized as Hand Safety equipment. We will discuss each tool separately, offering a thorough look at their functionality and feature specifications. Although before that, let’s take a peek at their utility fields;

Industrial Utility

Any industry handling the following tasks can benefit from these grab it tools;
  • Handling and installation of tubular in several size ranges
  • Setting drill string connections
  • Long distance and two-stage drill pipe connection building
  • Heavy duty drill pipe stabbing hand, stand building and rack back operations
Among the notable industries that are active in these areas are;
  • Oil and gas drilling platforms both offshore and onshore
  • Mining construction sites
  • Water well constructions

Designed for pipe stabbing casing and tubular handling, TwistIt offers no touch tools for pipe handling, intended to keep hands off drilling, casing and stabbing. By hands free operation, it provides a buffer zone between the pipe and hands, hence decreasing the workplace incidents in contrast with pinch, crush and burn points.

How TwistIt Works

TwistIt is constructed for secure enabling roughnecks no touch drilling rig operations and suspended load safety. In addition, it is engineered to provide a total control on heavy and suspended tubulars while pipe stabbing over the drilling rig sites. These pipe handling tools are classified under hands free safety tools by eliminating no-safety tool hands injuries hence cutting costs on frequent pipe drilling injuries and an increased work environment coherence and productivity.

For application, this stay twist tool offers a hook to embody the drilling pipe or casing, which results in a safe grip on the tubular. The hook is designed with a C shape. After placement, this no hands grabbing tool can be attached with a simple and single motioned twist- hence the name- and secure release.


To increase controllability aspects, Twist It is augmented with a twin handle, which provides a firmer grip and an increased maneuverability over the tubular. This handle is designed with barbell style that in addition to authoritative handling grants supplemented hand safety with side impact protection.

Key Features

TwistIt offers a lightweight hand tools construction that is built to last the toughest work environment- akin to oil drilling sites. The smart design offers easy maneuverability and installation.

RackIt Hand Safety Tool

To amplify hand free safety while working on pipe drilling, RackIt too was introduced to drill rig systems. As the name suggests, this safety tool encourages pipe rack back on rigs throughout the operations, including pipe control, hoisting and blowout prevention systems.

hands, particularly during drill floor racking, especially when the pipe is pulled out of the well in a derrick. However, it still permits the worker’s body to remain at a reachable distance without compromising authoritative control over the drill pipe, when there is a broken linkage from the rest of the rig system.

How RackIt Works

Designed with straightforward functionality, RackIt tool is composed of heavy-duty plastic components with a high density that assists the pipe for a easy guide an glide action. While the industrial rig platform piping follows a standard dimension, this grabbing tool’s fitting procedure is rather forthright and speedy. When it comes to size, it matches almost every piping edition, varying in from 4 to 8 inches in diameters.

For enhanced controllability and pipe catch and release operation, RackIt provides a firm grasp, devised with an ingenious twin handle. The barbell shaped handle offers precise administration over tubular maneuvering, while augmented with a side impact safety for maximum protection.

This grab it ratcheting tool is made to handle a variety of tasks, while fundamentally upholding no touch mechanical fingers tool aesthetics. Providing hands free handling the user’s body can remain in an ergonomic proximity without hindering administrative control.

Key Features

Dedicated to the betterment of drilling handling systems, pipe rack-back operations are safeguarded with a simple addition of the innovative tubular handling for drill collars and casing offline. RackIt presents optimum multipurpose hand tools for shoving pipes in racking land drilling and similar offshore applications.

Final Words

Corresponding to oil drilling rigs and pipe handling tools, several tasks including casing, pipe tripping, tubing or drill pipe, impose hand and finger injuries. In order to increase workers’ safety on drilling rigs and pipe handling professions, TwistIt and RackIt no touch tools were integrated into these systems. Reliability, safety and innovative engineering schemes for maximum efficiency are among the characteristics of these tools when working on pipe decks, mouse holes and the entire piping system on onshore or offshore platforms- in a quick and secure manner.

Combining experience and product excellence, RAAH Safety hand tool catalogue presents build up and rack back additions to pipe handling systems to enhance safety and efficiency. For further information on our tubular handling safety equipment, contact us for expert advice, bulk orders and more.

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