Grappler Hands-free tool

The Grappler is used to maneuver suspended loads wherever necessary. Grappler grabs the chain, wire rope, pipe, and rigging and also can push/pull suspended loads without risking their workforce’s hands at dangerous points. As a diverse tool, let’s see what Grappler has to offer to your workplace.


This tool is used across different industries and for various applications. Grappler grabs chains, wire ropes, pipes, and rigging cords in order to create a buffer zone between the employees’ hands and Dangerous pinch, crush, burn, and cut points.

The Grappler is an inventive and multi-functional hands-free tool built with quality in the U.S.A. The Grappler’s uniquely shaped hook design allows you to quickly and safely grab, hook, push, pull and control rigging, suspended loads, chains, assemblies, and components. This safety tool requires no assembly and is ready for work out of the box.


This tool is designed with durable material to last a long time and bring efficiency to the workflows. While reducing the efforts to handle and maneuver loads, operators would feel less fatigue and hence be able to perform better. In addition, the first aim of this tool is to reduce workplace injuries by contributing to hands-free safety.

Other benefits of Grappler are its resistance to harsh industrial environments and robust design. It facilitates single-hand operation whether it is used to hook, snag, push, pull or guide.


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Industrial utility for Grappler

A grappler is an exceptional tool for use in a variety of environments. Grappler’s streamlined design and light-duty construction allow it to be functional and cost-effective, making it ideal for use with tough materials around heavy equipment.

Grappler is perfect for work in steel mills, as well as other applications. It provides a hook design that allows users to safely control round and bar shapes, as well as chain and wire rope.

Why Use The Grappler Hand Safety Tool?

When an employee is using a tool that could cause them harm, they often put their hands in the danger zone. The use of Grappler can be used to reduce the chances of harm by allowing employees to get the job done safely and confidently.

The Grappler hook tool is an extremely cost-effective no-touch hand safety tool. It’s always ready and won’t cause unnecessary worker fatigue. Anyone may use the load control grappler without the need for training, and it costs way less than an incident or accident.

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