RAAH Hammering Safety

RaahSafety bring to you Safety Hammering Solutions.

Traditional hammering can cause Impact injuries, chips, equipment damage, personnel injuries. Risk of getting injured is Greater. Flogging wrench hammering operations and dismantling of Hammer Unions using sledgehammer and various other hammering operations come with their set of risk for injuries.

RaahSafety has the solution. Safety Hammering to prevent injuries to Hands and Fingers, Operating personnel and prevent equipment damage. Also in some cases limiting to One-person job instead of two-person jobs for same application.


RAAH fingersaver tool

The FingerSaver, when used correctly, will eliminate hand and finger injuries

RAAH slide sledge hammer

Safest, Easiest and Fastest

RAAH huwe hammer union wrench

easier, safer and more economical way for your field

RAAH Petol hammertight wrench retainer

safe and easy-to-use tools designed to hold a striking wrench

RAAH egamaster total safety slogging wrench

avoiding injuries in hands and fingers, main source of accidents during hand tools use.