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Is Your Workload Weighing You Down?

Let RAAH Safety Give You a Lift!

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The Raah Safety Liftit provides for the safe moving of palleted loads via crane.

The Raah Safety Cert pallet lifter converts your overhead crane into a forklift vehicle, allowing pallets of material to be moved or loaded throughout a worksite where traditional forklift trucks or cranes may not have access.

Specially Designed

The Raah Safety Liftit is specially designed for lifting palletized loads. The four-point lifting sling allows for an evenly distributed and balanced load. The quick release lugs permit easy hook-up. A floating low profile spreader ring reduces windage.


  • Four Point Lifting
  • Easy Hook-Up
  • Quick Release Lugs
  • Specially Designed for Lifting Palletized Loads
  • Floating Low Profile Spreader Ring Reduces Windage

*The Raah Safety Liftit III – Rated for 5000lbs
*The Raah Safety Liftit iV for 6000lbs.


RAAH Cert pallet lifter 1

Four Point Lifting

Floating Low Profile gives even
distribution of weight


RAAH Cert pallet lifter 2

Easy Hook Up

Secure Locks Hold in Place


RAAH Cert pallet lifter 3

Quick Release Lugs

Allows for easy hook up


RAAH Cert pallet lifter 4

Turn until the bolt holes are in alignment.


Meets and Exceeds A.S.M.E B30.20-1993 U.S.Patent No. 6,565,36. Now with Crosby Hardware.
Shipping weight : The Raah Safety Liftit III-208 LBS on a skid 67” X 40” X 43”
The Raah Safety Liftit IV-232 LBS on a skid 67” X 40” X 43”