Tool Tethers and Attachment Points

When working at heights dropping tool related injuries stands as a potential risk both to the operators at height and persons at ground zero level. Dropping objects from a height can cause injuries to personnel and workers at the site ground level resulting in fatal accidents, body injuries related damages and loss in man hours. Keeping workers safe is the top priorities for any company from a safety point of view.

In order toreduce tool drop-related dangers and accidents tool tethers play an important part in any tool stop drop scheme, Tool Tethers and Attachment Points not only keep the tools safe but also avoid work related stress or distraction. Prevention of dropping objects stands at the first line of height safety to secure Tool Drop related issues.

What Is Tool Tethering?

Tool tethering is a collective system of protection that provides an anchoring system to the tools when working at height. The tool tether protects both personnel below and the tools from drop related damages.

In essence, tethers are secure connective tools that are safeguarded by a tool lanyard to a stable point which performs as an anchor.

These tools are known to increase work safety and prevent incidents that otherwise would prove costly and hazardous to personnel’s health.

Attachment Points for Tools

In essence, attachment points for personal tethers are also used to protect tools from falling. They are often associated with small tools such as screwdrivers, spanners, wrenches and light weight hammers. The attachment points wrap securely around these small tools and then attaches to a tether.Attachments types include D rings, Grommet and Carabiner are often constructed from metal or industrial nylon. Let’s have a look at all the varieties.

D-Ring Strap Attachment Points for Tool Tethers

The D-ring attachments are used as a connective point between tool, tethers, velcro straps, and an anchor point. They corporate a tool effectively into an anchoring system with the help of the heat shrink cover or a tether tape.

After secure attachment to the tool then the D ring such as a 1 inch split ring,connects to a webbing system, used mostly for hammers, measuring tapes, and other small tools that can benefit from this tether attachment.

Tool Tethers and Attachment Points

Shank Tether

Shanks are semi-permanent tool tethers that are particularly constructed for unevenly shaped tools and rubber grips. They’re made of stainless steel D-ring attached to an industrial grade webbing which can resist chemical exposure wear and tear, and even marine condition.

After secure attachment to a tool, you can use the shank to connect the tool to a tether cord or other all purpose straps. The lanyard then is connected to the body or other safe anchor points.

Our shank tethers are available in sizes of small to large. They are also compatible with adhesive sleeves, using a heat shrink system for maximum safety and perfect tool fitting.

These varieties include;

Standard Shank Tether:

Shaft fittings are available in three sizes of 14-35, 18-45mm and 23-55mm. The standard shank tether comes with a heat shrink sleeve used for small items up to 750 grams. The heavy duty carabiniers, webbing, and innovative fitting system makes these shanks one of the most popular across the industries for small hand tools like spanner, wire cutters, drivers, etc.


Pro Shank Tether:

Shaft fittings are also available in three sizes of 14-35, 18-45mm and 23-55mm, though the pro tether is designed with resilience to handle tools up to 500 gram effectively. As previous varieties, slip on heat shrink sleeve is the connective attachment, constructed with a stainless steel D ring for a smooth and durable usage


X-Pro Shank Tether:

If you are dealing with tools with a weight up to 7.5 kgs, then these shanks are the perfect pick. Shaft fittings are available in three sizes of 14-35, 18-45mm and 23-55mm, purchased with a heat shrink sleeve.

Any of the shank tethers are available in individual purchase, as well as packs of three including all sizes. If you need any guidance for finding the perfect fit for your industrial tools, contact our experts today for a free consultation.


Bayonet Tether

Bayonet tethers are designed for connecting to the tools directly by choking or looping through tool holes, captive grips and heavy duty straps with hooks. This system allows a quick installation, offering a toggle solution to preformed or drilled holes on a tool or the anchor point

They are constructed with a D-ring attachment point, attached to a resilient nylon cord. Our standard tether is made with a 18cm long cord, reaching a total length of 28 cm.


Wrap Tether

Wrap Tethers are a CE-Approved temporary tool tethering solution, designed with a self bonding rubber tape that connects to a Dyneema tether. This combination establishes a solid D-Ring anchor point with easy installment and removal.

This tether is only 10 cm, handling a weight of one and a half kg, offering a secure fit in heavy industrial utility and harsh environments without compromising its features.


Grinder Tether

The grinder tether offers a heavy duty anchoring system particularly designed to protect the grinder head.

Made from outstanding material for a durable utility, the strong webbing is wrapped in heat shrink fitting, to offer premium abrasion and temperature resistance. All these factors nominate these tears as suitable for harsh industrial conditions around a grinder.

They can handle up to 10 kg and in accordance with BS EN 364:1993 safety standards.


Ultra secure hard hat tether. Chokes onto hard hat and locks onto garment with an industrial plastic grip.


Carry small components and assemble them by placing the sock directly over an open thread and fastening to prevent dropped objects. Perforated white mesh provides semi-transparency to visualise operation.


Adhesive Tether

Adhesive tether ring is used as an instantaneous tether solution for small tools. They are safeguarded with innovative and industrial grade adhesive pads, known as peel-and-stick.

Over the ring area, the tether wire is coated with rubber for easy handling. These varieties are considered as semi permanent solutions for handling objects up to 500 grams.


Create secure tether point on waisted and captive tool handle. The Pro-Anchor (Velcro) fastening system provides maximum anchorage flexibility and directional load security. The design allows the strap to be easily repositioned, and combined with the unique unidirectional geometry provides high shear performance.


Flush Shackles

They are made for safe maneuvering of heavier tools with shaped handles and prevention of hazardous tool falls. Based on its utility, resilience and durability are among the principal features of these shackle systems. The standard shackle sizes are available in small 1/2 inch shackles to 3/4 shackle and long varieties, ranging from 10 to 22 mm in size, to a maximum 16-49 mm. All our flush shackles comply with BS EN 364:1993 safety standards for up to 30 kg, and are tested before release.


Quickly tether small tools with captive holes (spanners, screwdriver etc.), strong flat profile bar, also suitable as an inline weak-link conntector


Omni anchor

The Omni Anchor tether is a wire tool that is designed to offer a safe fixture through a surface- whether it is a wall, concrete slab or large machinery. This omni anchoring point is designed to withstand heat, chemical exposure, abrasion, impact, and other harsh factors in an industrial environment.

The tool passes through pre-made or drilled holes, and then its wire loops around the tool with a reach of 11 cm. The maximum weight support with a safe range for these innovative tethers is at 5000 grams.

The lanyard itself is very lightweight and designed for quick and easy use. All our omni anchors are in conformity with European Council Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.


Tool Chuck

The Tool Chuck has been engineered as a unique solution to small diameter tools. To provide a tether point, it is attached to the tool with a retrofitting motion through an easy procedure. They are often used for screwdrivers, pen torches, Allen keys, etc. If heat shrink sleeves are not an option, these tools are a valid and temporary replacement.

The rotary tool chuck ring sits around the small tools and is tightened in the position with a grub screw. At the end, there is a swiveling point for tangle free to assist a smooth maneuverability of a safety tether. We offer a variety of adjustable rings in 7 models, ranging from 2 to 6 mm until 19-26 mm, with the eight handling range from a minimum of 1 kg to 3 kg.

One of the most highly utilized items in the tether system are the carabiners. They offer a great resilience and strong connection while maintaining a low profile with small sizes. They’re meant to connect lanyards, loops, anchor points, and captive eyes.


Standard shaped 6mm screw-gate Maillon connector. All connectors are rated to work with all leading edge tool systems, safety lanyards, structurally rated holsters, bag and belt loops etc.


Plain Gate Carabiner

The plain gate carabiner is named after its locking function that snaps open with a light pressure inwards. They are available in two sizes; 5 – 7 mm varieties in stainless and carbon steel which handle up to 5 kg of weight.

Another version is designed for 6-8 mm opening while safe for use with over 30 kg of potential weight pressure.


Screw Gate Carabiner

Screw gate carabiners are used where more precision and safety is required. Any workplace with a higher sensitivity to dropped objects can benefit from screw in carabiner hooks type to prevent accident opening and release of tether.

They are made in stainless steel with two sizing varieties that can handle from 5 kg to 30 kg of weight and pressure. They are often used to secure safety lanyards, holsters, belts, etc.

Final Thoughts

Tether systems are one of the simplest yet comprehensive anti tool drop schemes. Although to get the best out of these tools, each task and tool related to attachment points and tether cords must be chosen with care and according to their function and application.

Raah Safety provides best Tool Tether solutions. We are the suppliers of Tool Tether products in Singapore, Indonesia, India and worldwide.For bulk order or guidance to choose the best tethering items, contact our expert at RAAH Safety now.

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