Safety Tool Bags for Tether Systems

Bags are a common tool used widely in our daily lives. Fact that these are not considered as tools but as carrying appliances. The use of bags goes back in recorded history with the first bags made of animal skin. In modern times bags have evolved to suit every necessity and occupation varying in shapes, color types and sizes. Tool bags and pouches intend to increase convenience and safety performance of tethered or hand tools working at height or ground level. Most of the operators agree that bags are an essential part of the tether system that both organize tool storage and offer a secure anchorage, which assists strategies for an enhanced tool fall arrest safety to the user.

All of our bags are made from heavy duty PVC material to offer abrasion free features and reliable durability; all these properties are essential in hazardous environments, such as working at elevated surfaces.


Bolt bags are constructed with a bucket silhouette, with additional reinforcement at the bottom to offer resistance against weight pressure or being poked with tools. At the top, the bag is formed with a drawstring cluster with a durable rope. The composition is further strengthened with a transparent mesh to increase its resilience and several D rings for tether attachments.

To raise safety standards, this bolt bag is marked with visible linings and authorized for up to 10 kg of safe weight handling. They are available in two models with loop closure or velcro tool bag fastening.


The engineer’s bag was designed with specialist-purpose built, to accommodate weight sensitive tools and delicate industrial operations. The bag is formed with an outer mesh later that offers a semi-transparent silhouette which helps to present the content even before opening the top. This feature assists prevention of forgetting the tools behind and boosts efficiency while handling tools. The bag offers D ring attachments as an anchorage point for lanyard integrations of weight up to 5000 grams, while keeping the entire profile relatively low weight.

RAAH Safety presents three sets of Engineers Bags, solely differing in sizes and weight capacity;


This mini tool organizer pouch is compact, although enhanced with external pockets for offering more storage space. It is made from durable PVC with a chart of 25cm in height, 13cm in width, and 9cm in depth. The small version provides 3 D rings for anchoring additional tools. The total volume of 1.8 Liter and maximum eight capacity of 10 kgs. Depending on your requirement, it is available both in Velcro Fastening, or with Loop closure.


Similarly Medium Engineers Bags are made from durable PVC material, although they can handle twice as much weight; which is equal to 20 kg and 3.8 litre of volume size. The dimensions are 9cm depth, 25cm height, and 27cm width. Due to larger size, the inside of the bag is divided with internal compartments.

There is an integration of 4D rings and additional pockets on the exterior. Analogous to the small varieties, the medium engineer’s bags are also available with loop or Velcro fastening.


These bags are crafted from the same material PVC mesh and offer a durable structure and a spacious interior. The dimensions of these bags are; 13cm, height 35 cm, width 32 cm, and a volume space of 10.4 liter. Although the weight capacity is equal to medium variety with 20 kg of safe load testing.

They come with 4 D rings attachments and are also available with velcro fastening and loop closure.


Fixer bags are also tailored with bucket silhouettes and enhanced with large external pockets and a carry handle for maximum convenience. They come with a hammer loop on the side for quick access to this versatile tool instantly.

It is made with breathable mesh textile derived from heavy duty PVC and lined with highly visible marking for an increased safety in dimly lit environments. There are 5 D rings to provide lanyard and tool anchorage points, however the total of the bag content should not exceed 25 kg of its certified weight threshold.

The interior volume is about 9 liters while the dimensions are a compact 30 cm in health and 25 cm in width.


The universal tool bags are particularly crafted with messenger-like contours and optimized for tether integration. They offer 4 anchor points each with a weight threshold of 5000 grams.

The polyester tool belt pouch offers versatile fastening options: winding belt loop, triple action or eyelets to keep the contempt safety within its tools. Furthermore, the design is enhanced with a fast release buckle, and a rollback list to prevent unintentional release of the bags content.

Weight capacity threshold is 25 kg, and a dimension of 13×49×333 cm. The overall volume is at 15.2 liters. This bag is a great companion for outdoor activities, enriched with visible marking and a waterproof lid cover.


Of dealing with several small tools that require tethering at heights, technician bags are a great choice; they come with 8 D ring attachments, sealed pockets and several internal dividers to organize your tools and increase your workflow at the same time. It can handle up to 25 kg of weight and 9.5 liters of volume within its structure. With all the additional benefits, the bag retains a compact structure with a dimension of 8cm×35cm× 30cm.


For work environment tool drop incidents, or handling of several small tools and compartments when working at height, Industrial climber bags deliver great satisfaction. The design comes with sealed pockets and further secured with an external rollback lid. The interior compartment has been divided into smaller parts for maximum storage capacity.

It can handle up to 25 kg of weight and 10.5 liter in volume. The design is upgraded with 8 D ring for anchorage points, which assigns these bags among the top favorite editions in integral tether systems.


The Pro Industrial Rucksack is constructed to target two objectives; heavy tools and compartments storage while climbing and working at height and offering high visibility both in day and night.

This climbing gear bag makes a perfect companion in heavy industrial zones, and is reinforced with external Velcro securing for an impeccable tether structure, hence the bag doesn’t fall or tip over when not being worn.

This industrial tool bag is created with adjustable shoulder straps and additional padding for comfortable all day wear. There are a total of 6 anchorage points through D rings and a safe weight threshold of 45 kg. These ergonomic varieties can withstand any demanding work environment with their robust structure and durable material.


Offering a minimal design, these bags offer an original bucket silhouette, made from industrial grade PVC to withstand cuts, abrasion, chemical exposure and impact. At the bottom, the composition is secured with a durable mesh.

It offers 10 D ring anchorage and a lifting strap which is also used to fasten the top. It can handle up to 10 kg of weight and 32.9 liter volume. This carry tool bag is arranged with a 41 cm long silhouette, while the base covers a 32 cm radius.


Pro Pig Bucket also is made from a structural bucket silhouette, although augmented with several pockets on the exterior, a convenient handling straps and internal dividers. These bags are perfect for more sensitive operations requiring several small tools and mechanical components.

The durable mesh bases and strong PVC material make this edition resilient to harsh work environments and suitable for handling up 2o 45 kg of weight. This special bag offers an astonishing 16 anchorage point attachments and structural D rings.


An innovation of overhead Linesman’s tools, the aerial bucket bags present an exceptional design. At the bottom, these lift rated tool bags are built with heavy duty mesh for reliable weight handling up to 45 kgs. While the top strap is designed with a hook for safe suspension of tool bags to prevent trip and fall accidents.

This work tool bag offers 8 D ring attachments, internal divider compartment and external pockets which can accommodate several utility tools at once. There are several varieties of tool bags for hoisting in regards to weight handling, size and number of D rings. Contact our expert at RAAH Safety to find the perfect suspend bag for you.


If you need a system and scaffolding while working at height, Scaffolders kit is especially shaped to offer easy handling, storage and securing the tools in an all-in-one solution. As a maintenance tool pouch, the silhouette-s construction is extremely ergonomic and permits 360 degree movement, while being safeguarded with a safety blade belt. The belt not only gives you a secure hold around our waste, also increases the anchorage points and more space to carry tools. The kit includes the following components;
  • One Turn Key Scaffold
  • One Standard Blade Belt
  • One Cobra MKII Retractable Tool Lanyard
  • One Single Tool Holster
  • 1x Cobra MKII retractable tool lanyard
  • One Gravity Installed Anchor
  • One Zinc Plated Climbing Maillon
  • One Standard Adjustable Waist Strap Tool Belt with Swivel Function
  • Five Single Pro Shanks
  • One Zinc Plated Gate Carabiner
  • One Casing Bag
These tool bags for technician kits prove extremely useful, safe and convenient in environments such as marine decks, mining sites and oil and gas rigs both offshore and onshore, and any other harsh work environments.


If working at height and near environments that encompass charged surfaces, electrical stations, arch flash prone surroundings, and spark liable instruments, MEWP can increase both your safety and workflow regarding handling tools for working at heights. This cable technician tool pouch includes a comprehensive set of lanyards, connectors, tether attachments and more all designed as a power tool holster with electrical insulation and spark resistant characteristics. To prevent tools from and increase your safety, the harness storage bag is designed with an anchorage to be fastened to a physical anchor point other than your own body. This Kit offers the following components;
  • A MEWP Safety Bag
  • One Bungee Lanyard with Bayonet Function
  • Two Bungee Lanyards with Swivel Function
  • One Standard Wristband with Bayonet Function
  • One Pro Shank Mix Pack
  • Three Zinc Plated Gate Carabiner
  • Three Zinc Plated Maillons
  • One overall Kit Casing

Final Words

Tool Drop safety can be increased significantly by using the right storage methods and carry bags. Raah Safety presents you with a complete range of working at heights tool bags withspecialized or generalized purposes. Raah Safety has contributed a large section of their safety products to antidrop and anti fall protection equipment. Additionally we offer comprehensive solutions both in packages or individual tether system components such as lanyards, tethers, anchorage points, technician utility belt, wristbands and much more.

Contact us today to get a quotation or assessment for all the Anti Drop Tool packages your particular workplace requires.

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