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Self Tethering | RAAHSafety

D Shackle

Our robust D Shackles are manufactured with stainless steel, and reliable lifting and tethering applications. They feature corrosion resistance, high tensile properties and a size range of 4mm to 10mm. Best used for spanners and hand tools with captive eye tethering attachment as well as creating anchor chain connecting links.

Small Tether Tail

Used for securing small hand tools with a weight up to 1.5 kg, the small tether tail is manufactured from heavy duty nylon webbing with a stainless steel D ring outstanding tensile property. It is best used for tethering the tools with heat molded grip and straight handle. The tether tails are built to last and withstand the harshest work environments.

Large Tether Tail

Durable and reliable tether extensions, our large tether tails are designed for larger tools such as hammers with a weight up to 1.5 kg. They are tailored with 6 inch nylon webbing, made with stainless steel D ring for maximum endurance and steady use.

Tethering Tape

The tethering tapes are exceptionally strong and load rated tethering accessories that can be combined with small and large tether tails. They are resistant against puncture and tear, and manufactured with innovative silicon technology with a self fusing feature for instantaneous attachment to the tool within a few seconds only.

When the tape is no longer required, all you have to do is to detach the tape from the retrofitted tethering without having to deal with sticky residues or damage to the tool.

Heat Shrink Loop, Small

These heat shrink loops feature a dimension of 25mm x 50mm, connecting the tool with a durable stainless steel D ring and heavy duty nylon webbing. They are particularly designed for tools with maximum 1 kg weight and no captive eye. The adhesive heat shrink loop can be fitted by a heat gun, which is sold in a separate package.

Heat Shrink Loop, Large

For creating a safe tethering system for larger tools, our large adhesive heat shrink loop offers a dimension of 50mm x 50mm. The design is reinforced with a corrosion free D ring made from stainless steel and double stitched polyester webbing for reliable tethering support. The tested weight capacity reaches up to 1kg. If required, the heat gun sold can be purchased separately.

Heat Shrink Loop, 10cm, 4kgs

Manufactured to retain the stitching intact when exposed to a heat source to prevent damage, our heat shrink loops are reliable and long lasting. These adhesive rings offer a dimension of 10cm, attached to a steel D ring and industrial grade nylon webbing. They are best used for heavy hand tools up to 4kg. Heat gun is also available for separate purchase.

Heat Shrink Loop, 13cm, 4kgs

RAAH Safety’s industrial heat shrink loops are the next generation of tool safety and tool damage prevention. Used for tether and transfer of the tools with up to 4 kg of weight, these series feature a 13 cm loop, corrosion free steel D ring and heavy duty webbing. You can also buy your heat gun from us separately for a complete package.

Heat Shrink Loop, 15cm, 4kgs

Excellent performance and quality than the conventional heat shrink equipment, our adhesive heat shrink sleeves are designed for tools with a larger dimension and a weight of 4 kg. It comes with a 15cm loop, attached to a stainless steel D ring and polyester webbing. Use a heat gun for a perfect fit.

Heat Shrink Loop 30cm, 7.5kgs

For an easy attachment to small hand tools, use this adhesive heat shrink loop, perfectly designed for tools up to 7.5kg. It highlights a dimension of 30cm, secured for tethering with a stainless steel D ring and heavy duty nylon webbing.

Heavy Duty Split Ring

Heavy Duty Split Rings are particularly crafted for marine sectors, fishing stations and other heavy duty utilities. It can handle a variety of lanyardanchor and chains attachments. Heavy duty stainless steel split rings are crafted from a highly resilient stainless steel split ring with a size of 25mm, to carry small tools with up to a kilogram of weight.

Non Conductive Tether Tail, Small

Used for electrician tool sets, the non conductive tether tail is designed with insulated properties. It comes with a heavy duty 4″ nylon webbing attached to a plastic D ring. The tethering tail is most compatible with hammers and small VDE tools with a weight up to 1 kg.

Heat Shrink Loop

Perfectly fitting tether loop and durability are the main highlights of the Industrial Heat Shrink Loop, made with 30cm adhesive loop, a corrosion free stainless steel D ring and double stitched nylon webbing. It is compostable with small tools with a weight up to 7.5kg. Heat gun is also available for purchase.

Non Conductive Tether Tail, Small

Made from 4″ polyester webbing, the non conductive tether tail is crafted for workplaces with potentially charged surfaces and tools, the design is enhanced with a plastic D ring for a secure attachment, double stitched webbing and best used for tethering hammers and VDE tools. The maximum weight capacity is up to 1kg. It can also be combined with Tool arrest silicon tape to create a retrofit tether point.

Heavy Duty Split Ring

Our heavy duty split rings are essentially designed for linking hooks and connecting tools to tether points. Crafted from high quality stainless steel, these split rings are corrosion resistant and suitable for harsh environments such as offshore stations and marine sectors. They offer a 25mm split ring for tethering small tools with a captive eye and a weight up to 1 kg.

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