Why Us?

RAAH Safety strives to bring new and innovative solutions to help keep workplace safe. In our quest for excellence in Safety, we invest heavily on research strategies through case studies and expert opinions. We are connected to more than 500 relevant personnel in the Oil and Gas and Energy industry.

We have narrowed our scope to some of the areas of specialization, which include: Hands Free Safety, Hose Safety, Oil Spill Safety, Cable Safety, Rigging Safety, Anti-Slip products, Fall-Arrest, Fire Safety, Protective Clothing, Electrical Safety Kits and more. In each of these areas where Safety products are needed, RAAH works with industry practitioners to gather feedback on 3 key areas:

Existing risk areas

a. What are the existing equipment used to mitigate risk areas

b. What is the level of mitigation and could this be improved further

Areas of new risks

a.New areas of risks identified at rigs, platforms, refineries etc

b.What is the current measure of mitigation if any

Undetectable hazards

a. Areas of undetectable hazards and possible areas of mitigation

Through its vast network of HSE personnel, Project Engineers and Technicians, RAAH is in constant touch with the industry experts, users, advisors to know more about safety risk areas identified, solutions used, shortfalls of solutions, mitigation techniques etc. This network of expertise share case studies of success and failure both. RAAH engineers decipher this information and compile data that allows us to look for most suitable brands, most effective applications, most plausible solutions. And thus this global and holistic information allows RAAH to collate the best safety solutions for our clients. 

RAAH Safety focuses on innovative safety products

RAAH Safety’s mission is to contribute to the industry in raising safety standards and providing innovative, creative and plausible solutions for the safety of the workers. RAAH Safety offers specialised yet simple equipment for detectable and undetectable hazards at workplace.