RAAH Safety - Safelift

Safelift improves ergonomics while handling and operation of plug valves.

Safelift highlights:

  • The Safelift improves the ergonomics and de- creases the load on persons carrying valves
  • Safelift ensures fi rm and secure grip in all valve positions
  • Designed for easy mounting on plug valves
  • Safelift can be left on valve while being used
  • Fits Anson, FMC and SPM-valves.
  • Easy opening and closing of valves. No loose bars required.
  • When turned to closed position, the valve can be transported around the work area. Also up and down stairs.
  • Safelift makes it easier to see whether the valve is in open or closed position.
  • Locking the valves in open or closed position is also an option.

Product description:

  • Safelift is made from seawater resistant alu- minum
  • Welded body in 8 mm aluminum with Ø 25 mm serrated handles for safe transport and opera- tion
  • Three valve lock bolts made from Ø 30 mm di- ameter aluminum bar
  • Weight; 2,1 kg

How to use the Safelift:

  • Always visually check the Safelift prior to use. Do not use the Safelift if any damaged is ob- served.
  • Safelift is mounted directly on the valve by in- serting the three valve pins onto the valve and secured by using 3 hexagonal locknuts.
  • Safelift mounted on the plug valve can be lifted

Safelift - RAAHSafety