Higher safety requirements for drilling operations can only be achieved by paying special attention to equipment. For example, most drilling rigs have fully automated derrick and pipe handling systems. However in certain regions, the legislation prohibits personnel from working on the drill floor while automatic pipe-handling machines are in use. Instead High pressure cleaners are used to clean pipes after they are pulled through the rotary head. One such tool is the Typhoon Wiper.

TYPHOON Wiper, a special magnetic drill wiper, constructed with premium material for use on drilling rigs or mining rigs. Comes with heavy-duty magnetic lock design for automatic operation. TYPHOON Wiper is a special magnetic drill wiper that protects the integrity of the well hole. Locks automatically onto any size of pipe. Durable, high performing and reusable. Increases safety by keeping personnel out of red zones.


Modern drilling operations follow certain regulations that require special equipment and care for safety. Equipment such as the TYPHOON Wiper is specially tailored to fit on top of the diverter or bell nipple. It connects to the water or air system and has manual or remote application.

While most rigs have fully automated systems for handling derricks and pipes, some locations are still run on manual tasks. Much legislation prohibits workers from working on the well site Red zones while using automatic materials handling equipment. However we still see personnel using HP cleaners as the BHA is pulled through the rotating and rubber pigs to clean the DP string, this puts the worker in contact to harmful chemical and mud exposure. The TYPHOON Wiper was introduced to custom fit the top of a diverter or flare nipple, this way the safety of personnel is guaranteed and makes sure rig stands up to standards.


The tool is wrapped around the drill pipe or drill collar and locked in place with magnetic locks in the hole. This drill wiper cleans drill pipes and drill collars of dirt as they are retrieved from the well. These are specially designed for use on drilling rigs or mining rigs for drill pipes. Our TYPHOON Wiper completely eliminates this problem as its innovative magnetic lock design automatically opens in the event of a sudden and excessive impact. It will free the tool from the drill pipe according to the operator’s command.

By connecting to the drilling Rig’s high pressure water supply system or to a special high pressure unit suitable or HP air could also be connected for this purpose. The water/air actuation can be performed locally at the drilling site or remotely from the drilling cabin. This tool complies with the “Dropped Object Prevention Guidelines”.

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  • Easy Installation

The TYPHOON Wiper is easily installed on a branch pipe or nipple.

  • Durable Material

 The TYPHOON wiper is made of heavy-duty stainless steel that is resistant to impact, corrosion and weathering.

  • Certified Safety

To improve the safety of the well site, they are built with heavy duty stainless steel material and are certified as CE-compliant.

  • Anti Tool Drop

The design minimizes the risk of falling objects. Moreover, there are no marks on the rig floor or windows thanks to HP manual cleaning.

  • Fast Application

With the help of TYPHOON Wiper, BHA and DP ropes will be pulled out of the well faster without interruption for manual cleaning.

  • Free from Debris

It keeps all debris below the rotation level while cleaning the BHA and when emptying or lying them down on the deck.

  • No Manual Operation

Moreover, the TYPHOON Wiper eliminates the need for personnel to manually clear the red zone when the BHA and DP are rotating.

  • Low Water Usage

The instrument is also highly efficient; it uses a very limited amount of water while cleaning the HP BHA. Hence, it lets you spend less time on cleaning. The result is faster transition to the next operation, and fewer flat spots on work trends.

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