RAAH Rigtools Clamp

Rigtools Clamp improves safety and efficiency when handling lifting subs on bottom hole assemblies.

RAAH Speedy Gonzales

Speedy Gonzales Pin Cleaner is designed to clean the drillpipe pin threads

RAAH BHA Waasher

without exposing personnel to danger of dropped objects

RAAH Elevator Handling tool

improves safety and efficiency when handling manual and auto elevator in all sizes.

RAAH Titan Reversible

allow the operator to turn the pipe in either direction without removing the tong

RAAH Tubing Elevator

constructed of high-quality alloy steel and heat-treated for maximum strength and durability

RAAH Titan flange lifter

provides a safe and easy method of installing and removing bling flanges.

RAAH drift cabinet

Cabinet with 20 Drifts for Drillpipe, Heavy weight drillpipe, Drill Collars and other tubulars

RAAH Hithat Doper

a lightweight raised frame with a foot operated lid

RAAH Pipe wash & dope tool

cleans and dopes DP and DC using high pressure water in very limited volumes

RAAH Poncho Hole Cover

for the rotary table to avoid looseparts falling downhole

RAAH Rigtools Backsaver

hydraulic or pneumatically powered drill pipe slip lifter.

RAAH Spinning Wrench

hydraulic powered with vertical positioning system, right and left hand rotation

RAAH Rig Wrenches

Fast and safe method of making up or breaking out drill pipe on water well and blast hole drilling rigs.

RAAH FOSV Handling tool

The handling tool is installed in the Fully Open Safety Valve / Kelly Valve in advance

RAAH MONSOON Shaker Screen Washer

The high level of safety in today's drilling operations requires special attention to clean work areas and mud exposures

RAAH PITBULL Torque tool

Many rigs are still equipped with manual mud pump fluid end caps.


The high level of safety at modern drilling operations require special attention to equipment

RAAH Horseshoe Flowline Magnets

HORSESHOE Flowline Magnets are positioned in a tailor-made frame, which fits the header box or flowline (or both).

RAAH Pipe wipers

To avoid crane lift loads collides with other objects

RAAH Rotary Table Hole Cover

The ultimate protection from dropping tools downhole on any drilling rig.


Rig Safety

According to the CDC study, from the period of 2003 to 2010, there was a total of 128 fatalities (deaths). 1 Data from the BLS from 2006 to 2008 during the same period discovered there were:

  • 21 fatalities in 2006
  • 10 fatalities in 2007
  • 18 fatalities in 2008

Most of the accidents are in the rig's area which is the very dangerous area and without safety this is so very risky that our employee will getting bad injured.

So Important to us to make sure to check our safety for our employees at the rig's area because the accident rate in oil and gas industry are so high than the others.

This is why RAAH Safety here to help in oil and gas industry to make the accident rate in oil and gas getting lower than before and help you to prevent all accident in rig's area