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The high level of safety in today's drilling operations around the world requires special attention to equipment. Most drilling rigs have fully automated derrick and pipe handling systems. In some countries the legislation prohibits personnel to work on the drill floor while the automatic pipe handling machines are in use. But still we experience personnel using HP cleaners and manual dope brushes when Drill Pipe and other tubulars are cleaned and doped prior connection.

In order to prevent this from happening we have developed the Pipe Wash & Dope Tool. Utilizing the Pipe Wash & Dope Tool the tubulars will become high pressure cleaned and doped without exposing personnel to danger of dropped objects or working close to remote operated machines on Drill floor (Red Zone).

The Pipe Wash & Dope Tool cleans and dopes DP and DC; using high pressure water in very limited volumes. How does the Pipe Wash & Dope Tool work? The pipe is lowered down into the tool by means of the pipe handler. When the pipe reaches the bottom the treads and inside tool joint is cleaned by means of HP water and air. After a few seconds the pipe can be pulled upwards and threads is applied with a thin layer of dope.

To ensure maximum performance the tool needs supply of HP water (175-200 bars at 60 ÂșC) and control air of 6 to 10 bar. Rigtools can deliver HP Hot Wash unit RT-EX100 fit for purpose.

In cold conditions we recommend to preheat the dope to ensure perfect layer on threads. Rigtools supplies heating box. Pipe Wash & Dope Tool is fully certified for offshore conditions. Following certificates within compliance:

  • CE- Certification
  • Material certificates
  • Welding certificates

Pipe Wash & Dope Tool Benefitss:

  • Improves safety on drill floor.
  • No personnel in drop zone while tripping in hole.
  • Easy to install on the drill floor.
  • Fits all drill floor applications. Can be used with all types of pipe handling equipment.
  • Ensures proper cleaning and doping of threads.
  • No over torque connections - Dope applied on clean dry threads.
  • No plugged MWD's or turbines. The tool cleans inside the pipe and removes any wood debris etc. from setback area
  • Releases human resources.

Pipe Wash & Dope Tool - RAAH Safety