The Safelift is engineered to create an ergonomic solution for handling large and heavy plug valves. Besides ergonomic handling, this simple and economic equipment increases the safety of a workplace. This device provides a safe, reliable, and affordable lifting and valve handling tool.


Manual handling of heavy plug valves is a nuisance that many industries have to deal with. It is one of the most incident-prone tasks that often result in pinch and crush point injuries; wrong placement of a plug valve can also damage the valve shape and function as well.

To provide a better grip for handling plug valves, and increase the safety of the personnel, Safelift was introduced to improve manual valve handling systems. There are several industries that can benefit from using Safelift in their heavyweight flow control device systems, including;

How Safelift Works?

Safelift boasts several advantages. It is an anti-slip device that offers an excellent grip. It is mounted directly on plug valves for ergonomic lifting. Additionally, it protects the pipes and plug valves. By creating a balanced point, the workers can manage the load better. Hence, handling and operating of plug valves becomes easier and more efficient. It works with an easy slip-on slip-off application.

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  • Ergonomic design
    This device prevents back pants, shoulder blade injuries, and spine alignments by providing an ergonomic solution for lifting heavy plug valves.
  • Grip
    Besides preventing skeletomuscular injuries, the design provides a safe grip to prevent falls and drops in all valve positions. It also offers hands free lifting for enhanced safety.
  • Easy Installation
    The installation of Safelift is easy and takes little to no time; all that has to be done is to mount it on the plug valve.
  • Easy Operation
    The operator does not have to take off this equipment; its valves function perfectly even with the Safelift on. There is no need for loose bars for the opening and closing of valves. A Safelift is installed in minutes and assists in moving the valve to different locations.
  • Safety Certification
    The manual lifting aid for valves tool is compatible with OSHA safety regulations.
  • Compatibility
    The Safelift is suitable for use with numerous plug valve types, including Anson Valves, FMC Valves, and SPM Valves.
  • Efficient Design
    Safelift is designed in a way that once the valve is in the closed position, it can be transported without further adjustments. Furthermore, the valves can be locked in the open or closed position.


Tips for Using Safelift

  • As a safety regulation, inspect the Safelift prior to each use. In case of detecting any damage and cracks, replace the piece to prevent mid-operation incidents.
  • Mount the Safelift directly on the valve and secure it in place by using the three bolts and locknuts.
  • Ensure the correct placement of the equipment and bolts before starting the operation.
  • You can lift and operate the plug valve while keeping the RAAH Safety Safelift mounted on.
  • For removing the equipment, unscrew the bolts and nuts, and easily dismount of the device.
  • Store with care for future uses.
  • Avoid direct impacts onto the Safelift; impact shocks can damage or deform the device, hence disabling its operation.

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