Drift Cabinet | RAAHSafety

Cabinet with 20 Drifts for Drillpipe, Heavy weight drillpipe, Drill Collars and other tubulars.


  • Driller does have the Drift Cabinet key and has full control of where the Drifts is located.
  • Always full control of how many and which size of drifts available (long lifetime because Drifts don't disappears).
  • Always correct size of Drift available.
  • Less risk of dropping wrong Drift because size is stamped into each Drift.
  • Slick line can easily be attached to Drift.
  • No flow restriction due to large ID on Drift.

Product Description:

  • Cabinet is made of stainless steel and delivered with Pad Lock.
  • Drifts are made of stainless steel.
  • Drift sizes are stamped on each drift.
  • Each Drift has a special marked place inside the Cabinet.
  • Inventory list with Drift specifications does follow the Cabinet

Drift Cabinet - RAAH Safety