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RAAH BHA Washer tool

Pulling BHA in oil base mud on a Maersk Rig.

The high level of safety in today’s drilling operations around the world requires special attention to equipment. Most drilling rigs have fully automated derrick and pipe handling systems.

In some countries the legislation prohibits personnel to work on the drill floor while the automatic pipe handling machines are in use. But still we experience personnel using HP cleaners when BHA etc. are pulled through rotary.

In order to prevent this from happening we have developed the BHA Wash Tool. Utilizing the BHA Wash Tool the BHA can still be high pressure cleaned, but without exposing personnel to danger of dropped objects or working close to remote operated machines on Drill floor (Red Zone).

To ensure maximum performance the BHA Wash Tool will be specifically designed to suit any drilling unit. The BHA Wash Tool cleans BHA and other oddly shape and sized parts in the drill string using high pressure water in very limited volumes.

The BHA Wash Tool will be placed on top of the diverter or bell nipple and connected to rigs HP wash system. The tool has 4 to 6 high pressure nozzles facing well center. BHA Wash Tool nozzles will be connected to the rigs HP system or a special high pressure unit fit for purpose. Actuation of the water HP waterflow can done locally on the drill floor or remotely from Driller cabin.

BHA Wash Tool is fully certified for offshore conditions. Following certificates within compliance:

  • CE- Certification
  • Material and welding certificates
  • Pressure test

BHA Wash Tool - Benefits

  • Improves safety on rigfloor.
  • No personell in Red Zone during pulling of different BHA’s
  • Clean BHA when racking back or laying down on deck
  • No debris on drill floor or windows from using manual high pressure washer. All debris will be kept below rotary
  • BHA can be pulled faster out of hole, no stops for manual HP cleaning
  • BHA Wash Tool will be installed after running the diverter and stays in place during entire operation
  • Easy to install on top of diverter
  • BHA Wash Tool is welded and has no loose items – No risk of dropped objects

BHA Washer Tool - RAAH Safety